Effective Indexing Webinar

Thanks to everyone for attending today's Effective Indexing webinar sponsored by IOUG with Embarcadero. For attendees, IOUG will likely send out a link to the recording and PDF of the presentation, but I also wanted to post it here.

Presentation PDF

Thanks again and stay tuned for my next webinar coming up in another month or so!

Webinar Follow-up: Everyday Oracle Pro

Thanks to everyone who attended the November 12 webinar!

Presentation PDF
Webinar recording (coming soon)

Becoming an Everyday Oracle Pro – November 12 Webinar

Register for my next webinar on November 12 entitled "Becoming an Everyday Oracle Pro".

About the webinar
Whether you are new to Oracle or a seasoned veteran, you want to do your job to the best of your ability. Each one of us can become an everyday Oracle pro if (more...)

Webinar Follow-up: Execution Plans – Learn by Example

Thanks to everyone who attended the September 17 webinar! The answer to the questions asked via Chat will be posted shortly.

Presentation PDF
Webinar recording (available soon)

Stay tuned for details of my November webinar coming soon! 

SQL Tuning Fundamentals: Execution Plans – September 17 Webinar

Register now and join me for my next webinar entitled "SQL Tuning Fundamentals: Execution Plans".

Few tools are as critical to SQL optimization as the execution plan. The ability to read and understand an execution plan allows us to evaluate and optimize SQL performance. Unfortunately, complex plans often seem daunting (more...)

My day with the Ohio Oracle Users Group

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Ohio Oracle User's Group event with me on July 18. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be there. The group appears to be vibrant and growing and everyone involved made it a top-notch experience (for me at least!).

My topic for (more...)

Follow-up: Visual SQL Tuning Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended my Visual SQL Tuning webinar. My goal was to keep it simple and show the value of using VST to help you know what execution plans "should" do.

Presentation PDF
Webinar recording (posted soon)

I want to thank:
Kyle Hailey for his extensive work on (more...)

Visual SQL Tuning – July 23 Webinar

Register now and join me on July 23 to discover how Visual SQL Tuning can help you understand execution plans and diagnose performance problems. During the webinar I'll cover:
  • Visual SQL Tuning basics and how to create a VST diagram
  • How to evaluate execution plan effectiveness with Visual SQL Tuning (more...)

Follow-up: Using Optimizer Hints for Oracle Performance Tuning Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended my webinar on using hints for Oracle testing and performance tuning. As usual, it was a great event and I appreciate the comments and questions.

Presentation PDF
Related scripts
Webinar recording (coming soon)

I'll be back in the saddle again in July so keep (more...)

Using Optimizer Hints for Oracle Performance Tuning

My next Embarcadero sponsored webinar will be on May 14 and is entitled Using Optimizer Hints for Oracle Performance Tuning.

Register now!

Hints are excellent database performance tuning tools that direct the Oracle optimizer to utilize specific operations in SQL execution plans. We often use hints because the Oracle optimizer (more...)

Back to the Future AWR Mining Webinar Followup

Thanks to everyone who attended my webinar and thanks to Embarcadero (@DBPowerStudio) for hosting it. The presentation and scripts can be downloaded from the following links:

Presentation (PDF)
Scripts (ZIP)
Webinar recording (available soon)

Stay tuned for my next webinar coming in May!

Webinar – Back to the Future: Oracle SQL Performance Firefighting using AWR

It's webinar time again! On March 26, Embarcadero will once again provide sponsorship for my webinar entitled "Back to the Future: Mining AWR Data for Oracle SQL Performance".

Most of us have been in the situation where, for no apparent reason, performance for key SQL takes a nose-dive after (more...)

Webinar Recording Link

Embarcadero has posted the recording of my Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics webinar on YouTube. Check it out!

Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics Webinar Q&A

There were quite a few questions asked during the webinar yesterday that I didn't have time to answer online. So, here's the list of questions from the webinar transcripts with my answers. In some cases, I combined several similar questions and gave a single answer. Hope it's helpful!

1. Can (more...)

Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics Webinar Follow-up

Thanks to everyone for attending today's webinar on Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies. I appreciate everyone who took time to join me today and hope you found it informative.

The webinar recording will be posted within in the next couple of days, but you can download the (more...)

Webinar – Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics

Embarcadero is sponsoring another Oracle Community webinar on January 29  (rescheduled) February 5 conducted by yours truly. Register for Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics and join me as I cover
  • Oracle optimizer statistics fundamentals for computing cardinality/selectivity on single and multi-column predicates.
  • How statistics can help the optimizer understand data distribution (more...)

Enkitec E4 2013

The 2nd annual Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) is coming your way August 5-6, 2013 at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Irving, TX. Last year's inaugural event received rave reviews from participants and this year's event should be even better!

After the conference, stick around and join me (more...)

Sharing a Kindle account

I have discovered that sharing a Kindle account with family members can cause Amazon to prompt me with the oddest reading suggestions:

I suppose you never really know someone until you see what they read. It's possible that my reading choices are also involved in the determination of these recommendations. (more...)

What Cancer Cannot Do

For my sister and all those who battle cancer...
Cancer is so limited...
It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot quench the spirit.
It cannot (more...)

Making Impactful Performance Changes Webinar Follow-up

Thanks everyone who attended the 3rd segment of my 3-part DBA Performance webinar series. I enjoyed delivering them and hope you found them informative and useful.

You can find the recording here and the presentation slide deck here.

There were two SQL statements in the deck that were used to (more...)