Achievement Unlocked: Successful Solaris TechDay in Vienna. Your Task: Feedback Please!

| May 28, 2013

The Solaris TechDay 2013 in Vienna was outstandingly successful.

Some characteristics: 
Event sized for: maximum 80 attendants. Registrations: Over 110. Number of participants who really showed up: 98. We had customers, partners, Oracle colleagues visiting from Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia! Pretty impressive :) 

We started with the technical presentations, (more...)

The SPARC T5 Servers have landed

| Mar 26, 2013

At last, the SPARC T5 servers are announced! They are worthy heirs of the SPARC T-series, and even more powerful than their successful predecessors the SPARC T4

Before we'd go into the technical details, here is a very important message: 

Having announced the T5 servers doesn't make the T4s (more...)

Best Practices to build SAP, Tiered Storage, IaaS cloud, E-Business Suite or Siebel HW platforms? Optimized Solutions.

Uncountable IT Operations
departments build platforms for SAP.
Thousands of Administrators design tiered storage solutions.
Too many engineers spend their time integrating hardware setups for E-business Suite.
A huge number of Architects are involved in creating private IaaS cloud services.
An army of SystemManagers work on Siebel server landscapes.

Having said that you probably expect me to state that they are all wrong. I won't - generally, systemengineers build platforms of quite high quality. But I do state that most of these projects are either hopelessly undersized with headcount and generally take way longer to implement than they were supposed (more...)