Oracle Tech Talks – Technical Thoughts

Oracle Tech Talks is an initiative to bring together Industry Experts to share knowledge and information around the latest happenings in the world of technology and Oracle started during March 2015 and my primarily focus was on to build this platform in the world of Podcasting. Be Part of Tech Talk? We ♥ Oracle Technology [...]

7 reasons to go for Oracle Cloud ERP

In the beginning of 1990s new software systems were surfaced branded in the industry as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for large complex organizations. These applications were proprietary systems and providing off-the-shelf solutions for organizations. However consultants/Vendors to tailor and implement them based on the company’s requirements. Sometime ERP Systems were pushing companies to re-engineer [...]

2 Oracle Magazines You Need To Start Reading Right Now

Are you planning to start career in Oracle? or Are you a professional working in Oracle Technologies? Or May be you’re looking to sharpen your knowledge of Oracle or strengthen your skills on latest technologies, announcements  of Oracle, here’s a list of Oracle Magazines and links to digital editions to add to your reading regimen. [...]

IOUG Oracle EM SIG Techcast on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

I have got an opportunity to present Webinar/TECHCAST arranged by IOUG EM SIG for IOUG Oracle EM SIG Techcast: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – How to Achieve Heights of Success. The webcast was presented Wednesday, September 10, at 12 noon CDT. Recording to be posted this week! Click here to be taken to the Special [...]

Mobile Apps for Oracle E-Business Suite

First-rate announcement from Oracle through Steven Chan Blog for Mobile Apps strategy on Oracle eBusiness Suite.  With the rapid advent of social media and our behavior to see everything on smart phones. We as users of Oracle eBusiness suite started feeling old fashioned with the release of Oracle Fusion Applications where everything was coming for [...]

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Oracle User Group Leaders EMEA Annual Summit 2014

IOUC has organized Oracle User Group Presidents/Leaders conference at Sofia Balkan Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria during May 20-22, 2014 for European, Middle-East and African Oracle User Group Leaders’ Community (EOUC). I got an opportunity to represent MEOUG as President of the group. I was going first to this summit. The conference started with the reception on […]

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OpenSSL ‘Heartbleed’ and Oracle Products

Heartbleed leads to ‘heartattack’ during earlier this week to all Internet users and companies due to the OpenSSL Security vulnerability. Thought to share Oracle’s take on different Oracle Products depend on OpenSSL, you can go through following docs: OpenSSL Security Bug-Heartbleed (Doc ID 1645479.1) And public link of the info provided by Oracle: other […]

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Oracle eBusiness Suite R12.2 released for Windows x64

Oracle has released eBusiness Suite R12.2 for Windows x64 communicated through Steven Chan blog. We can download media from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud including documents and patches. Whoever is going to install must refer Oracle E-Business Suite Installation and Upgrade Notes Release 12 (12.2) for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) (My Oracle Support Document ID: 1330706.1) The following editions of […]

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Speaking during Collaborate 2014

Time is passing very quickly ……I’m just recalling year 2012 and I was at Collaborate 2012 in Las Vegas  and now year 2014…. & Collaborate 2014 is on !!! This year during Collaborate 14, I am pleased to share I have been selected to present at COLLABORATE 14: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community […]

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Installation of Oracle EBS 12.2

In this ebook, I am covering installation of Oracle EBS 12.2 with following: Redhat Linux, you can refer earlier ebook EBS R12.1.1 installation Pre-requisite for Installation of R12.2 Preparation of stage from media downloaded from Installation of Oracle eBS R12.2.0 You can download from this is a base installation, will cover how to install […]

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