Managing Compensation to Win the War for Talent

A Guest Post by Oracle Solutions Specialist, Jeff Haynes (pictured left)

If there’s one thing HR and Compensation departments have learned since 2008, it’s that the budgets for rewards programs are anything but set in stone. Many historically well-funded merit and bonus pools were slashed as corporate performance waned. A (more...)

Fusion Applications Social Relationship Management (SRM) Community is Live

A Guest Post by Milo Velazquez, Senior Product Supportability Engineer, Oracle (pictured left)

A new community centered on Social Relationship Management is available in My Oracle Support Communities (MOSC).

The goal of this community is to connect technical and functional users of Oracle SRM products in a collaborative forum. We (more...)

Oracle Learn Cloud Drives Business Performance

A Guest Post by Vice President David Koehn, Oracle Applications (pictured left)

“Blurring the line between retirement and resort.” That’s one of the taglines for Vi (formerly Classic Residence by Hyatt), a national leader in high-end senior living. Vi also is a great example of an organization that has (more...)

How We Interact with Our Environments and Our Devices Has a Fascinating Effect on Enterprise Applications

This pithy interview gives you a glimpse into our visionary UX team. The interviewee is Jeremy Ashley (left), vice president of Applications User Experience. His answers are crisp and informative. The interviewer, ACE Director Debra Lilley (right), is knowledgeable and keeps the conversation snappy.

If that isn’t enough to make (more...)

Unprecedented Speed and Business Agility: Introducing Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne In-Memory Applications

A Guest Post by Lyle Ekdahl, Group Vice President General Manager, Oracle’s JD Edwards

Imagine that you could, in a moment’s notice, access your entire portfolio of projects or products in one view, including cost and profitability. Now imagine that your customer service representatives had real-time access to your customers’ (more...)

Making Waves in the Analysts’ Community

A guest post by Natalia Rachelson, Senior Director, Outbound Product Management, Oracle Applications

It was with a mixture of excitement and anxiety that I boarded a plane at Chicago’s O’Hare bound for San Francisco last week — excitement because it had been a while since I’d been to Oracle Headquarters (more...)

Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tells the World About Fusion!

Dubai is a prime tourist destination and rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East. The city is known for its wonderfully, multi-cultural environment and beautiful buildings. A lesser known fact is that 100,000 of the business community members in this thriving city are represented (more...)

“Yes, Fusion Is Living Up To Our Expectations!”

A guest post by Kirsten Hanson, Senior Director, HR's Global Organization and Talent Development

We went live with Oracle Fusion Talent Review in late 2012. During the implementation, I blogged about Oracle’s business drivers for a new talent management process, Oracle President Mark Hurd’s position on talent management, and the (more...)

Qantas Cloud Service Delivers Bruce Springsteen and Steve Miranda

On Monday, Steve Miranda was settling in to his seat for his 15-hour flight to Sydney, Australia, for Oracle CloudWorld. And then he tweeted, “Right behind me on flight to Sydney CloudWorld — BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!! Rarely star struck. Am now. Need to get a photo w/o being rude.”

Camera (more...)

What’s An Apps UX Sales Ambassador?

A guest post by Misha Vaughan, User Experience Architect, Oracle Fusion Applications

The Apps UX team continuously seeks out feedback from customers and partners on our applications products. We also find it extremely valuable to know what our colleagues at Oracle think, especially when we get feedback like this from (more...)

Everyone Does NOT Speak English

A guest post by Joe Gum, Senior Director, Oracle Financials Product Strategist

Imagine trying to purchase a new phone, pay your bills, or book a cruise online if the software isn’t in a language you speak. As sophisticated users of the internet, we see a distinct increase in the number of multilingual users, as well as in the amount of Web content. E-commerce is growing in importance for the international market that lies at our fingertips.

Business owners can decide to ignore these issues and keep their businesses small and regional. Global companies don’t have that luxury, nor would they (more...)

Dreadfully Sorry, I Don’t Have The TIME

A guest post by JP Saunders, Senior Director, Oracle Product Strategist

Like in the SiFi movie “In Time”, my time has become even more precious lately, especially since the birth of my third child. I find myself more like Justin T (sadly not in looks) in this movie, always running out of time. It can be a real challenge to get the time to do things I enjoy, like going for a ride, let alone finding time for things I must get done like running errands, or fixing things around the house.

Now more than ever, I am constantly monitoring (more...)