New Snowflake Community Advocate Program

| Dec 5, 2019
I am happy to announce that The Snowflake Community—a hub for Snowflake users to connect, share, and learn from each other both offline and online—is launching a new program called the Select Star Program. What is a Select Star? The Select Star program recognizes and rewards our most engaged community members who go above and […]

Better Data Modeling: Agile Data Engineering

| Sep 15, 2019
Now available - Agile Data Engineering in paperback form!

Adapting Agile Principles for Data Warehousing

| Sep 11, 2019
Despite the clear benefits of data warehousing programs, business units often question what they perceive to be long delivery timelines and a lack of data accessibility. Nearly half (48%) of the respondents in a TDWI survey reported that personnel in their organizations spend at least 61% of their time finding and preparing data. Only 28% said […]

5 Business Needs That Fuel Enterprise Data Warehouse Development

| Sep 5, 2019
The global market for data warehousing is expected to grow to $34.7 billion by 2025, according to a recent report from Allied Market Research. That’s nearly double the $18.6 billion it was worth in 2017. What fuels investment in enterprise data warehouse development? Cloud data warehouse technology has given rise to innovative systems and practices that increase efficiency and […]

How to manage GDPR compliance with Snowflake’s Time Travel and Disaster Recovery 

| Jul 16, 2019
As organizations work to bring their data practices into compliance with GDPR, one question comes up repeatedly: How does Snowflake enable my organization to be GDPR compliant?

The Elephant in the Data Lake and Snowflake

| May 31, 2019
Originally posted on Jeffrey Jacobs, Consulting Data Architect:
Let’s talk about the elephant in the data lake, Hadoop, and the constant evolution of technology. Hadoop, (symbolized by an elephant), was created to handle massive amounts of raw data that were beyond the capabilities of existing database technologies. At its core, Hadoop is simply a distributed…

Schema-on-what? How to model JSON

| Nov 25, 2018
How do you make sense out of schema-on-read? This post shows you how to turn a JSON document into a relational data model that any modeler or relational database person could understand.

Automatic Clustering, Materialized Views and Automatic Maintenance in Snowflake 

| Nov 15, 2018
Boy are things going bananas at Snowflake these days. The really big news a few weeks back was another round of funding! This week we announced two new major features.

Get Started Faster with Snowflake Partner Connect

| Aug 8, 2018
Got data you want to load and analyze in the cloud? Would you like to do it today? The check out this announcement about getting up and running with your data in Snowflake faster. #YourDataNoLimits Ending the struggle for data starts with getting to your data faster. Snowflake already streamlines the path to get up […]

Data Warrior #HappyDance! Guess who joined @Snowflakedb

| Apr 15, 2018
It going to be a big day at Snowflake. Two of my good friends are joining my team.