Would You Like to Load a Data Vault like a Master?

If you are about to embark on a Data Vault project this year, and not quite sure the best way to load your data into a Data Vault efficiently, I have a great opportunity for you. Dan and Sanjay have been hard at work re-vamping the Learn Data Vault site and are now ready to […]

The Data Warrior Speaks 2016: Updated

As expected, I have been booked to speak a few more places this year. Here is my updated speaking schedule as of today: RMOUG Training Days 2016 – February 9-11 in Denver, CO (I have 2 hour deep dive on Feb 9th). Register here. TDWI Nashville – March 8th in Nashville (of course). I will be […]

Are You Certifiable? 1st #DataVault 2.0 Bootcamp of the Year

A quick note for all the folks out there that have been contemplating diving deep into Dan Linstedt’s Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence. Dan will be teaching a Data Vault 2.o Bootcamp in February! You can sign up here. You’ve read the articles, read the blog posts (mine included), attended the talks at […]

Do Not Follow…Leave a Trail!

Do not follow where the path may lead… Go instead where the is no path and leave a trail — Ralph Waldo Emerson Good advice in general. I am very happy to be working for Snowflake Computing (@snowflakedb) and our CEO Bob Muglia (@bob_muglia) where we are forging the path for Elastic Data Warehousing (#ElasticDW) […]

Better Data Modeling: Customizing Oracle Sql Developer Data Modeler (#SQLDevModeler) to Support Custom Data Types

On a recent customer call (for Snowflake), the data architects were asking if Snowflake provided a data model diagramming tool to design and generate data warehouse tables or to view a data model of an existing Snowflake data warehouse. Or if we knew of any that would work with Snowflake. Well, we do not provide one of […]

Snowflake SQL: Making Schema-on-Read a Reality (Part 2)

n this post I will show you how to access an array of data within the JSON document and how we handle nested arrays. Then finally I will give you an example of doing an aggregation using data in the JSON structure and how simple it is to filter your query results by referring to values within an array.

#DataWarrior 2015 in review

Happy New Year again everybody! Shoutout to Jeff Smith for again being the #1 real person that I actually know who referred people to my blog via his blog. If you don’t already, please add ThatJeffsSmith to your reading list. The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for me. Here’s an excerpt: Madison […]

Happy 2016!

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Better Data Modeling: Discovering Foreign Keys (FK) in #SQLDevModeler (SDDM)

A while back I had an interesting situation when I was attempting to reverse engineer and document a database for a client. I had a 3rd party database that had PKs defined on every table but no FKs in the database. The question I posed (on the Data Modeler Forum) was: How do I get the […]

Snowflake SQL: Making Schema-on-Read a Reality (Part 1) 

This is my 1st official post on the Snowflake blog in my new role as their Technical Evangelist. It discusses getting results from semi-structured JSON data using our extensions to ANSI SQL. Schema? I don’t need no stinking schema! Over the last several years, I have heard this phrase schema-on-read used to explain the benefit of […]