Cheat Sheet For DB Based SOLR Indexing

  1. Define data-config.xml (whatever the name of your data configuration file) : 
  1. This file defines from how to read data from RDBMS to your document to be indexed. So, define your SQL for full import as well as subsequent partial imports (called as delta imports) in this file.
  2. how does (more...)

Reclaiming Space from Deleted Big Tables from MySQL

So, in my earlier post, I mentioned about a need of dynamically resizing (increasing) EBS volume on EC2. Here is how I landed in the situation. In the prototype, my database grew very high and I could not reclaim the innodb space of mysql even after dropping large tables or (more...)

Need a support to dynamically increase size of EBS volume of EC2 running instance

Recently I started a prototype involving Big Data processing on EC2.  I started with a "guesstimated" size for EBS volume. As in any POC / guesstimates, I was wrong and very soon the size grew and I needed to increase the space. But I realized that we cannot dynamically (more...)

NFC and HTML5 emerging as Winners on Mobile

Near Field Communication(NFC) ( for more details read my earlier blog is very useful in very short distance communication ideal for mobile devices. It has got another backer that is from RIM. RIM is bating high on NFC based Apps as its one of the (more...)

Oracle in Three in One Cloud : PaaS, SaaS, DaaS

After adverse comments last year, Larry Ellison announced that Oracle got into Cloud in a big way. It is significantly different than CRM on Demand. It also adopts different approach than Multi-Tenant Sales Force. Oracle's public Cloud provides: PAAS (Platform As A Service), SaaS (Software As A Service) and Daas (more...)

Opensource WebRTC for Browser 2 Browser communication Coming up

WebRTC, A new open source for browser to browser communication is making some progress. has been launched and would go through W3C standardizatio. It may be part of HTML5. As per my knowledge, Google may adapt it and many browswer would support it. This browser to (more...)

NFC Getting Momentum

The Near Field Communication (NFC) is gaining a momentum. Its usage will be propelled via mobile devices and would give a birth to many fantastic devices and applications.

Last week Apple introduced Retail 2.0 store that effectively used NFC.

To the heels of the Apple, Google took the techbology (more...)

Is ChromeBook nothing but Larry’s old idea of Network Internet Computer?

Google announced ChromeBooks at GoogleIO 2011 conference today with a great fan-far. Definitely it is an idea appropriate to current Web centric world. It seems to be giving right vibes. It's slick, fast to start, connected to web, secured, may be free from viruses, consumes low battery. It is consistent (more...)

Hadoop is building a good momentum…

In EMC World this week, many new products based on Hadoop called launched.

EMC announced enterprise and community distribution as well as appliance of Apache Hadoop. This would be in competition with Cloudera which has a very good traction in Hadoop market. Moreover, Yahoo which has been pioneer in original (more...)

Personalized News Recommendations

A couple of days back, on March 10, Barron’s reported that “ Adds Recommendation Feature‘. Back in Nov 2010 MyBantu powered ‘Personalized News Recommendations‘ was launched for Samachar, largest news portal about India. This personalized news recommendation, one of the firsts, not only increased visitors(readers) traffic to the Samachar (more...)

Collaborative Filtering Vs Personal Preferences Based Recommendations

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Buzz Around Non-Relational DBs

Reposting from my other blog

Last Saturday we (GITPRO – Global Indian Tech Professionals Association) arranged Tech Talk on NoSQL (nonRelational actually) DBs and Scaling Hadoop. It was very well attended. In the general introduction session when many introduced themselves they told their interests in Hadoop and (more...)

Games (Asian) Indians Play

I recently read this book. This book is not about Indian games like Kho-Kho, Kabbadi etc. But it is about "why do Indian behave how they behave". To be precise, the sub-title of the book is "">Why we are the way we are". The author, Raghunathan, as used his studies on "Game Theory and Behavioral Economics" to make sense of Indians behavior. Its a though provoking book which uses "Prisoners Dilemma", the famous problem from game theory, to eloborate how Indians are 'rational' but thier self-centered rationalism undermines their long term as well as community interests. His examples cover day to day scenarios covers almost everyone, individuals, politicians, or community by and large. At the end of the book, the author tried to propose crux of "Bhagwat Geeta" as a solution to behavior and explained it in the context of the game theory problem.


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China May Lead Patenting, How About Innovation?

Title is self explanatory. My following blog refers the stories..

Larry, Fusion Apps, and SOA Middleware Technology

At Oracle Open World 2010, Larry Ellison glowingly referred Oracle Fusion Apps (OFA) in his eagerly watched keynote as the largest engineering project of Oracle in the recent times. He covered some important aspects of the Oracle Fusion Apps. He said that it is the first ERP Application completely based (more...)

Resolving timeouts while using ejb beans for SOA invocation – deployment

If you are using AS11 BPEL's apis for deployment or invocations and facing time-outs, and the task really needs more time, then you may need to increase the ejb timeout.

1. Find ejb_ob_engine_wls.jar in your deployment.
2. Modify META-INF/weblogic-ejb-jar.xml,
3. Increase time-out
4. rejar and replace the original jar

Selectively turning off the service engines in Oracle SOA AS11

Thanks to the Spring based implementation of Oracle SOA AS11, if you are not using B2B or mediator or decision or any other service engine, you can turn it off by removing their reference beans in fabric's Spring config (fabric-config.xml). Just be careful though! You may accidently remove something (more...)

Integration technologies for Cloud

2010 is seeing Cloud computing and mobile computing at their 'tipping points'. There are many startups being launched in these areas. With many applications being SaaS based hosted on Cloud, the next requirement would be how to connect them securely and reliably. What could be the right technologies for the (more...)

Micropayments opening gate to the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

Late C. K. Prahalad wrote a path breaking book showing to the world that there are great opportunities in the emerging as well as poor nations. Those potential markets would need innovation to realize.

When he wrote The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, he may not have (more...)