Oracle BPM Suite .. unified engine..

Oracle announced BPM Suite today

An important note about this Suite is based on unified process foundation of Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g . It has the same engine that executes both BPEL and BPMN processes. Note that there is not conversion from BPMN (more...)

My predictions for 2010

Google Android in an Integrated Communication Device As a Home / Kitchen Unit

My blog on this ...

Googlers announced "Go" Programming language

googlers announced a new programming language "Go" w

Go is being advertised as Fast (to compile), Safe(pointers without pointer maths), Concurrent (lightweight process communication) and Cool (dynamic language but has the speed and safety of a static language) and open source...   disclaimer: I am yet to validate these claims...


Increased Momentum to Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud as depicted in the following diagram is a middle path for enterprises for taking advantage of the public clouds as well as addressing the security and ownership concerns of mission critical as well as sensitive data.

Recently at OOW 2009 is SFO, Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, showed (more...)