Java Development with Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated (ATP-D)

| Oct 1, 2019
The Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated (ATP-D) is a database Cloud service which allows implementing a private database Cloud service running on dedicated Exadata Infrastructure within the Oracle Public Cloud. The goal of this blog article is to help you, Java developer or architect, build and deploy fast, scalable, and reliable Java applications with ATP-D, using plain Java, Java Servlets, or Java Microservices with WebLogic, Helidon, WebSphere, Liberty, Tomcat, WildFly (JBoss), Spring, and (more...)

Oracle JDBC drivers on Maven Central

| Oct 1, 2019

At last!

Yes, you asked for it, and with some delay (better late than ..), we did it!
Maven Central becomes a distribution center for the Oracle JDBC drivers. We started with the latest release but will soon add previous and supported releases.
Read the full post @

OracleCode One 2019 – My Sessions Pick

| Aug 9, 2019
OracleCode One 2019 is few weeks ahead and like many, you have not yet made up your mind on which sessions to attend or why attend?

Here is a selection of sessions that I highly recommend (full disclosure, I am involved in these sessions).

Slides from SV JUG Jul-18th Meetup

| Jul 19, 2018
SV JUGers, it was a great Meetup.
The slides are here.


Optimizing the Performance & Scalability of Java Applications that use an RDBMS

| Mar 29, 2018


There is an abundant literature on Java performance (books, articles, blogs, websites, and so on); a Google search returns more than 5 millions hits. To name a few, the Effective Java programming language guide, Java Performance the definitive guide, Java performance tuning newsletter and associated website. This is not the purpose of this post.

The goal of this post is to revisit the known best practices for speeding up (more...)

Slides of my JavaOne and OOW 2017 sessions

| Nov 6, 2017
The slides of my recommended JavaOne 2017 and OOW2017 sessions are available here.

My Sessions Recommendations for JavaOne and Oracle Open World 2017

| Sep 4, 2017
Good Day,

JavaOne, and Oracle Open World are 4 exactly weeks away.

Here are some sessions related to Java, JDBC, OJVM (database embedded JVM), JavaScript Nashorn (JavaSCript data access, JavaScript stored procedures), Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Flink, Apache Beam that I'd warmly recommend.

JavaOne 2017 Sessions Recommendations

Carbonated Java & JavaScript Stored Procedures

| May 26, 2017

Carbonated Java Stored Procedures

For accessing JSON Collections and documents without any knowledge of SQL, Oracle furnishes the SODA for Java API. It allows a convenient access and navigation using the dot notation.

How to use SODA for Java in Java Stored Procedures? I have posted the steps, the code samples and scripts on GitHub.

Carbonated JavaScript Stored Procedures 

Nashorn allows interoperability between Java and javaScript. By leveraging such interoperability, I've bee able to reuse (more...)

What’s in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for Java & JavaScript Developers?

| Mar 2, 2017
Here is the summary of New Java & JavaScript Features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Cloud and on-Premise

  • Java 8: Java 8 in JDBC/UCP and OJVM; JDBC 4.2
  • JavaScript with Nashorn: JDBC/UCP, OJVM
  • Performance: JIT (OJVM), Network Compression over WAN (JDBC), Configurable connection health check frequency (UCP), PL/SQL Callback interface (JDBC)
  • Scalability: Shared Pool for Multi-Tenant Database (UCP), Shared Pool for Sharded database (UCP), Sharding Key APIs (JDBC, UCP), DRCP (more...)

My Talks/Sessions at UKOUG Tech16

| Dec 2, 2016
Hi guys,

If you plan to attend UKOUG Tech16, please check out my talks.sessions

  1.  Sunday 12/04 16:10  New JDBC & UCP Perf, Scalability & HA features in Oracle Database 12cR2 @
  2. Monday 12/05 17:55 A RESTful MicroService for JSON Processing in Oracle Database 12c R2 @  
  3. Wednesday 12/07 8:50 Hadoop, Spark & Flink Explained to Oracle DBAs & why They Should Care @
  4. (more...)

REST Enable Java or JavaScript in the Database

| Nov 9, 2016

REST Enable Java or JavaScript in the Database

The Oracle REST Data Service (ORDS) allows you to turn Java stored procedures or JavaScript stored procedures into REST Web Services that you may publish these in the Oracle REST Data Service.
See more details @

Download and Configure ORDS

1) First step: download the latest ORDS  @

2) Extract the zip file in a directory say ../ords.3.0.8

360 Degree DB Programming & Analytics 2016-11-09 09:29:00

| Nov 9, 2016

JavaScript in Oracle Database 12c Release 2

JSR 223 introduced the idea of Scripting for the Java platform. Java 8 furnishes the Nashorn JavaScript engine as a more performant replacement for Rhino 
Per the Redmonk ranking ( and the TIOBE index (, JavaScript is one the most popular programming languages, disputing the top seat with Java.

This blog post is an update to a previous post which discussed the proof of concepts (more...)

360 Degree DB Programming & Analytics 2016-08-17 11:39:00

| Aug 17, 2016

My sessions recommendations for JavaOne ’15 and OOW ’15

| Sep 27, 2015
JavaOne SF 2015  Session recommendations

High Availability with Java EE Containers, JDBC, and Java Connection Pools [BOF7732]
Monday, Oct 26, 8:00 p.m. | Parc 55—Mission

Modern, Portable JavaScript Stored Procedures with Nashorn [CON4405]

Java Connection Pool Performance and Scalability with Wait-Free Programming [CON2158]
Wednesday, Oct 28, 4:30 p.m. | Hilton—Continental Ballroom 1/2/3

OOW SF 2015 - Session recommendations

Java Virtual Machine Cookbook [UGF2720]

JavaScript stored procedures as Cloud data services.

| Sep 8, 2015
Find out how to implement JavaScript Stored Procedures with Oracle Database 12c and how to invoke these through RESTful Web Services.

JavaScript Stored Procedures and Node.js Applications with Oracle Database 12c

| Feb 9, 2015
                                      Kuassi Mensah
                           | @kmensah |

Introduction                                            (more...)

My DOAG session re:Server-side JavaScript

| Nov 18, 2014
#DOAG Wed 19/11 17:00 rm HongKong Server-side #JavaScript (#NodeJS) progrm#OracleDB using #nashorn & Avatar.js --#db12c @OracleDBDev #java

Will post shortly ablog re: JavaScript Stored Procedures. 

ApacheTomcat: How to sustain planned/unplanned Oracle database downtime & Runtime Load Balancing w UCP

| Aug 19, 2014
See our brand new white paper 

Preview [video]: Apps HA Solutions for Planned & Unplanned DB Downtime w UCP

| Jun 21, 2014 

My sessions at JavaOne and OOW 2014

| Jun 18, 2014