My sessions recommendations for JavaOne ’15 and OOW ’15

JavaOne SF 2015  Session recommendations

High Availability with Java EE Containers, JDBC, and Java Connection Pools [BOF7732]
Monday, Oct 26, 8:00 p.m. | Parc 55—Mission

Modern, Portable JavaScript Stored Procedures with Nashorn [CON4405]

Java Connection Pool Performance and Scalability with Wait-Free Programming [CON2158]
Wednesday, Oct 28, 4:30 p.m. | Hilton—Continental Ballroom 1/2/3

OOW SF 2015 - Session recommendations

Java Virtual Machine Cookbook [UGF2720]

JavaScript stored procedures as Cloud data services.

Find out how to implement JavaScript Stored Procedures with Oracle Database 12c and how to invoke these through RESTful Web Services.

JavaScript Stored Procedures and Node.js Applications with Oracle Database 12c

                                      Kuassi Mensah
                           | @kmensah |

Introduction                                            (more...)

My DOAG session re:Server-side JavaScript

#DOAG Wed 19/11 17:00 rm HongKong Server-side #JavaScript (#NodeJS) progrm#OracleDB using #nashorn & Avatar.js --#db12c @OracleDBDev #java

Will post shortly ablog re: JavaScript Stored Procedures. 

ApacheTomcat: How to sustain planned/unplanned Oracle database downtime & Runtime Load Balancing w UCP

See our brand new white paper 

Preview [video]: Apps HA Solutions for Planned & Unplanned DB Downtime w UCP 

My sessions at JavaOne and OOW 2014

Run Scala directly in Oracle database

A nice proof of concept for #Scala, #java, #Oracle, and #db12c, afficionados

En route for OTN Yathra

En route for OTN Yathra ( first stop Mumbai customers visits #java #db12c #mapreduce #hadoop #oracletechnet

Rocky Mountain OUG: what’s up Feb 6th @ 8:30am in Room 504?

 Why get up early and show up in Room 504? #Java #db12c #OracleRac

Speaking at OTN Yathra (India)

Speaking @ Mumbai/Pune/Chennai In-Database#MapReduce for DBAs and Database Developers using SQL or #Hadoop

Rocky Mountain Oracle Users group event

Join me at #RMOUG Feb 6th 8:30 Rm 504:; i'll be presenting #JavaPerf., Scalability, Availability & Security w Oracle #db12c --#OracleRac --

OTN Virtual Developers Days

Join me on Feb 24 @

at 10:15am: "In-Database MapReduce w SQL & Hadoop"  then 12:15pm "Best Practices 4 App Performance, Scalability and High-Availability with Oracle Database 12c"

My Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2013

Have you ever needed to deploy Java applications with tens of thousands of concurrent users?
Have you ever experienced paying twice the same flight ticket, the same article or your taxes?
Have you ever wanted the system to just deal with database failure and not ask you to restart your (more...)

What’s in Oracle Database 12c for Java?

Looking to exploit the new Oracle Multitenant Container Database with Java?
Have you ever needed to deploy Java applications with tens of thousands of concurrent users? If you are a Java architect, Java designer or wannabe looking to exploit new Oracle database 12c enhancements in the areas of performance, scalability, (more...)

My Guide for Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Are you a Java developer, C/C++ developer, or PHP|Ruby|Perl|Python developer  looking to exploit the latest Oracle database technology?

Are you a MapReduce/Hadoop developer or administrator?

Are you MySQL developer looking to migrate or reuse your applications against Oracle?

Are you a developer or Oracle DBA looking for Net Services Enhancements with the Latest Oracle Database Technology?

Here is my list of sessions for you!

Note: I will be either presenting, coordinating or attending these sessions, so if you want to see/meet me, you know where to go!

1/ MapReduce and Hadoop developer and administrator: what is new in the latest (more...)

Some videos about me

Book Review: OCA Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I: A Real World Certification Guide – Packt Publishing

What i liked: the book is accessible to anyone; the examples and their screen casts make easy to see what exactly the author is talking about. Each chapter has a "Certification objectives covered" and a "Test Your Knowledge" sections which are helpful, something you'd expect from a certification guide. The book also covers (very slightly, though) how to use SQL with programming languages including PL/SQL, Perl, Python, and Java; but why is Ruby not covered (-:?

Bonus: introduction to APEX.

My updates are on Twitter and/or Facebook

@kmensah (on Twitter)

OOW 2011: What is Going on for JDBC, UCP, Java in the Database, Net Services, OCI, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Perl

Oracle OpenWorld San Fransicso 2011

Sessions for DBA and/or application developers (Java, C, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl) looking for features and best practices to optimize networking and build best performing, scalable and highly-available applications with Oracle Database 11g.

Session: 14702

Java in the Database—The Sky's the Limit: Lessons from the Largest Deployment

Where: Marriott Marquis - Salon 8 -- When: 10/3/11, 15:30


BoF Session: 26220

Meet the Oracle JDBC and Oracle Universal Connection Pool Development Team

Where: Marriott Marquis - Salon 8 -- When: 10/3/11, 18:30


BoF Session: 26240

Meet the Oracle Database Clients Developers: C, (more...)