My Guide for Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Are you a Java developer, C/C++ developer, or PHP|Ruby|Perl|Python developer  looking to exploit the latest Oracle database technology?

Are you a MapReduce/Hadoop developer or administrator?

Are you MySQL developer looking to migrate or reuse your applications against Oracle?

Are you a developer or Oracle DBA looking for Net Services Enhancements with the Latest Oracle Database Technology?

Here is my list of sessions for you!

Note: I will be either presenting, coordinating or attending these sessions, so if you want to see/meet me, you know where to go!

1/ MapReduce and Hadoop developer and administrator: what is new in the latest (more...)

Some videos about me

Book Review: OCA Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I: A Real World Certification Guide – Packt Publishing

What i liked: the book is accessible to anyone; the examples and their screen casts make easy to see what exactly the author is talking about. Each chapter has a "Certification objectives covered" and a "Test Your Knowledge" sections which are helpful, something you'd expect from a certification guide. The book also covers (very slightly, though) how to use SQL with programming languages including PL/SQL, Perl, Python, and Java; but why is Ruby not covered (-:?

Bonus: introduction to APEX.

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OOW 2011: What is Going on for JDBC, UCP, Java in the Database, Net Services, OCI, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Perl

Oracle OpenWorld San Fransicso 2011

Sessions for DBA and/or application developers (Java, C, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl) looking for features and best practices to optimize networking and build best performing, scalable and highly-available applications with Oracle Database 11g.

Session: 14702

Java in the Database—The Sky's the Limit: Lessons from the Largest Deployment

Where: Marriott Marquis - Salon 8 -- When: 10/3/11, 15:30


BoF Session: 26220

Meet the Oracle JDBC and Oracle Universal Connection Pool Development Team

Where: Marriott Marquis - Salon 8 -- When: 10/3/11, 18:30


BoF Session: 26240

Meet the Oracle Database Clients Developers: C, (more...)