Copy your Salesforce org into Oracle with CopyForce

We found this really cool piece of code called CopyForce in Google code the other day which lets you: 

Copy your Salesforce org objects (tables, indexes) into Oracle or any other RDBMS, yes you can!

The code I believe is freely available. But not to lose time I used the GUI which is available with trial a license of 30 days from CAPSTORM. In this post I want to quickly show you how you can copy your whole Salesforce org dev or prd with its data into Oracle, then do whatever you like with it.

Installing CopyForce with CAPSTORM (more...)

Salesforce Dev 401 Exam study material

Just a quick post to share with you my past Salesforce Dev401 Exam study materials. I have assembled this table  of 87 questions when I was studying for the exam back in January 2011. 

These are not actual Exam questions, don't be fooled!

This is study stuff that I have compiled reading the study guides and the available training materials I found online. It did help me pass the exam. The quiz like questions I compiled helped me a lot to understand concepts and limits.

I have also tried to categorise the questions & quizzes by the Salesforce Dev401 (more...)

Salesforce API call from Oracle APEX

This post is about integrating Salesforce with Oracle using the Salesforce API.

I will try to show you how you can write a PL/SQL procedure to quickly send an SQL INSERT you do in an Oracle table to a Salesforce custom object as well. That is, how you can INSERT to a Salesforce object simultaneously when you insert to an Oracle table. I will use Oracle APEX, an Oracle RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, as the Oracle database. 

You can achieve this by using the Oracle APEX package APEX_WEB_SERVICE.MAKE_REQUEST and send SOAP envelopes to the Salesforce (more...)

Salesforce workflow

What is Salesforce Workflow?

Workflow in, is business logic and in this post I will try to explain it.

In, you can create custom objects and then you can create relationships on your custom objects according to the application data model you have designed. Very good, but if you don't have workflow, your app will be nothing more than a lousy database. A mere database to enter and search records. What is salesforce anyway? Isn't it a data-centric, based around a database application building platform? Another database front end?

Not, just that! (more...)

Salesforce Security

Salesforce security? Cloud security? Multi tenancy? I can't believe myself I set off writing a blog entry maybe on the hottest discussion topic in the industry nowadays. No, no, not at all, not yet, not yet.

I will rather try to quickly outline for the benefit of the interested reader how security is applied within a Org. That is, security which enables or prevents certain users in the Org seeing the other user's records/data and how users are prevented from seeing certain fields and objects in the Org. So in-house Salesforce 'data' security I should say, not inter-cloud (more...)