Oracle Apex Mobile App

I have built this Mobile Oracle Apex app on a hosting provider showing temperatures on Greek islands. I used jQuery libraries and Oracle Apex Templates. This is a learning prototype.

Features include:

1.Hourly calls to Yahoo Weather API
2.Static Google map API call to show the island on the map
3.More than 1 year daily temperature records to compare with current temperature, per island o. Google charts API
4.Learn the locations of 100+ Greek islands on the map

I am thinking of enriching the database behind this app with other relevant info.

To reach the app (more...)

Salesforce to Oracle Real Time Integration

In this blog post I will show you how to make Web Service like calls from Salesforce to Oracle, using Informatica Cloud Endpoint URL in real time.

In Winter 12 release of Informatica Cloud we will have the ability to make Salesforce outbound message calls to an Informatica Cloud task and enable real-time integration.

The idea is simple

Use Salesforce Workflow Rule (a database trigger) and make an outbound message call whenever a new Account Record is edited or created.

Step by step instructions

1) You will create a vanilla Data Synchronisation task, I called mine 'test ws', (more...)

Update data in the same Salesforce Object with a ‘Self-join’ Informatica Cloud Task

When you use Informatica Cloud you usually use it to do Migration, Integration and Synchronisation. That's about what it is used for, right?

It is all about moving data from point A to point B or  syncing data between A and B. That is what  Informatica Cloud is built for, to move/sync data from A to B and while moving it, maybe transform it as well. A is the 'source' and  B is the 'target'. Correct! A can be an Oracle or ERP database and B can be a Salesforce Org. Classical use case of Informatica Cloud.

Well, not (more...)