Salesforce workflow

What is Salesforce Workflow?

Workflow in, is business logic and in this post I will try to explain it.

In, you can create custom objects and then you can create relationships on your custom objects according to the application data model you have designed. Very good, but if you don't have workflow, your app will be nothing more than a lousy database. A mere database to enter and search records. What is salesforce anyway? Isn't it a data-centric, based around a database application building platform? Another database front end?

Not, just that! (more...)

Salesforce Security

Salesforce security? Cloud security? Multi tenancy? I can't believe myself I set off writing a blog entry maybe on the hottest discussion topic in the industry nowadays. No, no, not at all, not yet, not yet.

I will rather try to quickly outline for the benefit of the interested reader how security is applied within a Org. That is, security which enables or prevents certain users in the Org seeing the other user's records/data and how users are prevented from seeing certain fields and objects in the Org. So in-house Salesforce 'data' security I should say, not inter-cloud (more...)

Oracle Apex 4.0 UKOUG SIG in London

I attended the UKOUG SIG on Apex 4.0 in London yesterday and learned lots of new things. Thanks to presenters like John Scott from SumNeva and Hillary Farrell from Oracle. Looking forward to receive the seminar notes.

Briefly the things to take home from this SIG meeting for me were:
  • Oracle Apex plugins are great. Great presentation from John Scott on this.
  • In Oracle Apex release 4.0.2, there will be new themes which will render nicely, almost like native apps, on iPhones and iPads.
  • Lots of tips and tricks on how to scale and tune Oracle Apex (more...)

Oracle 11g Streams Synchronous Capture

Have you ever wanted just to maintain a table in two different databases? In two different schemas? Something like replicating, keeping a copy of a table in sync in another database, not in real-time, but almost real time? There is an easy way, use Oracle Streams Synchronous Capture!

Many times in development I get this request, where a developer in a team will come with a request like "Can we get a copy of that table in our schema in some sort of sync please?". Alternative ways of providing the developer with this table would be backup/restore, data-pump, both (more...)

Web services

I have been going around websites/wikis to find a definition for, what is a webservice? Especially I was interested to find out the kind of web services, which of course, have to do with databases, Oracle in particular. I spend the whole day looking at certain websites and here is my DIY one-liner definition:

Web services is all about give and take data over HTTP. When you give data you are a 'provider' of a web service and when you take data you are a 'consumer' of a web service.

Oracle 11g is doing both.

You can turn your (more...)