Troubleshooting Tools Part 3 – Heap Dumps

A Heap Dump is a snapshot of the Java process heap memory at a given time.  It's a useful tool to troubleshoot memory leaks and other memory related issues.  Heap dumps are to memory what thread dumps are to java threads.

There are different ways to dump the java heap (more...)

Potential Issues With Weblogic Server Lok Files

Certain configuration files's access sometime need to be restricted in order to only allow one Weblogic Server instance or user to access them at any specific time.  Files with .lok extension are created for this purpose.  While browsing your domain directory structure, you might find config.lok under the domain config directory.  This file exists to ensure that config.xml is being updated serially.  Edit.lok's purpose is to ensure that only one user at a time can edit the domain configuration.  Edit.lok lies in the domain directory.  Other lok files include EmbeddedLDAP.lok and server_name.lok.

Each (more...)