Upgrading a GI on NFS to 18c

| Oct 31, 2019

I wrote lately a couple of post about upgrading to 18c (why research is important and OCR and Voting disks on 18c and 19c). These posts were the result of an upgrade planning for a client where the database resides on NFS. After I finished the research and prepared a plan, it was time for testing.

Creating ASM

As this is Oracle on NFS, the OCR and Voting disks (more...)

Archive Backups are not Deleted from Standby Database

| Oct 22, 2019

In an environment I’ve upgraded lately from 11.2 to 18c I found out that some backups are not getting deleted from the standby database. The environment has a single instance primary database (with GI+ASM) and a single instance standby database (with GI+ASM) and we run backups on the standby database only (to reduce load from the primary).

What I saw

As I said, I run the RMAN backups on the standby side, while the (more...)

All You Need to Know about Oracle Database Patching

| Oct 17, 2019

This is a topic I wrote about in the past (understanding Oracle patching and new version numbering). But now, after the new patching concept (since 12.2) and numbering change (since 18c) has been here for a while and has been stabilized, I think it’s time to summaries the new patching/versioning in a new post, so here it is.

Oracle Database Versions, Support and Upgrades

Just to sum things up, Oracle has decided (more...)

OGB Appreciation Day – Standby Database

| Oct 10, 2019

It’s this time of the year again. If you don’t know what OTN/ODC/OGB appreciation day is (sorry, Oracle changed the branding over time, so the appreciation day title has changed as well), you can read about it in Tim Hall’s post.

I’ve been participating in this appreciation day from the beginning. You can read my posts from 2016 (about RAC), 2017 (about plan statistics) and 2018 (about image based installation).

This year I wanted to (more...)

Using Oracle Gold Images

| Oct 1, 2019

After OOW19 I looked into using GI gold images to upgrade a few databases at a client’s site. The client has 11 data guard environments (and they both use ASM), so using gold images would really help.

Introduction to Gold Images

If you don’t know what gold images are, here is a short overview. Since Oracle 12.2, GI doesn’t come as an installation package, but as a zip file that should be extracted directly (more...)

Oracle Open World 2019 Sessions

| Sep 26, 2019

This year I added quite a few sessions to my OOW19 schedule, and I managed to go to most of them (and 1 that I wasn’t planning to go initially). As I mentioned in my OOW wrap-up post, the summary of these sessions turned out to be quite long so I separated it into a new post.

19c SQL tuning using SQLHC – this was a short session (Oracle added a 20 min theatre (more...)

Wrapping Up Oracle Open World 2019

| Sep 25, 2019

Oracle Open World 2019 was crazy for me this year. As you might have read in my schedule planning for OOW, I tried to attend quite a few sessions (unlike other years) and even managed to. I didn’t give up networking and meeting Oracle people, so it’s been quite busy.


I started summarizing the sessions I attended and then realized it’s too much for a single post with all the other OOW stuff. (more...)

Did You Know #31 – OCR and Voting Disks in 18c and 19c

| Sep 18, 2019

In Oracle GI 18c, the OCR and Voting disks must be located on ASM. A certified NFS or 3rd party shared file system is not supported for these files (you can keep your database on NFS or 3rd party shared FS, but not the OCR or the voting disks). More information can be found in the documentation. Note that placing these files on an NFS or shared FS was deprecated in 12.2

In 19c, (more...)

The Best Keyboard for IT People

| Sep 5, 2019

As some of you might have seen on Twitter, lately I went on a hunt to find a new keyboard. It actually started when my mouse started giving me troubles, but then it expanded to a keyboard as well.

My Keyboard-Mouse Set

Logitech MK710

A few years ago I was looking for a keyboard and mouse for my home office. Since I love Logitech, I looked for a Logitech set. I found a good deal (more...)

Help Me Decide on Presentation Topics for 2020

| Aug 28, 2019

As you know I love going to conferences, and next year won’t be any different. There are a few conferences that I’d like to attend and speak at next year (if they accept my sessions). My current presentations (you can find them here) are good and still relevant (and maybe I’ll still submit some of them), but I presented them quite a lot lately in conferences and I won’t submit sessions that I’ve already (more...)