New Subscription Option

I finally finalized new subscription and mail updates from GotoDBA website.

If you’d like to get updates, these are your options:

  • You can enter your email on the right under the “subscribe” option and you’ll be added to my mailing list. Please note that you will get a confirmation mail and only after you confirm you’ll start getting my updates. This is the recommended option as I’m going to add lots of great stuff to (more...)

DBAs Keep Asking Me About Moving to Canada, Here is My Answer

For some reason DBAs contact me (mainly on LinkedIn) and ask about moving to Canada: how to move, how to look for a job, how the tech industry is, etc.
This has happened a few times already, and I really don’t know what in my profile makes people think that I’m qualified to help. However, I’ve decided to write this post to answer some basic questions the best I can (and I’m really not the (more...)

Oracle Data Guard Step By Step

Oracle Data Guard consists of many components. In this post I’ll explain about an environment that helped me understand how all the components work. This is a (with APR 2018 PSU, so should be pretty stable)with a physical standby in a remote site. The primary has 4 redo groups of 10GB each (single member) and the network between the sites (primary to standby) is slow (only a few MB/s). Because the (more...)

Looking for Speakers / Speaking Opportunities?

When I moved to Canada I was already an Oracle ACE and had been involved with Oracle User Groups (I was on the board of ilOUG and had spoken at conferences), but the North America region was new to me.

The local OUG was not too hard to find because I knew what I was looking for, but looking for other OUGs in NA in order to get to know them and maybe speak at (more...)

ORA-7445 in 18c

I upgraded a test database not too long ago to 18.6 (to do proper testing before we start upgrading productions) and got a feedback from dev that one of the queries got errors.

The query was quite long and strange and it used a few levels of views so I found it really difficult to analyze. The errors were quite strange as well:

select … where rownum<=2000 got ORA-1722 invalid number
select … where (more...)

Moving My Blog (Finally)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but you know how it is, you never find time for these things.

So a few weeks ago I decided, that’s it! I’m moving my blog (I bought the domain a while ago but didn’t actually do anything with it…).

Where and When

My new domain is and it’s not up yet, but it will be available probably over the weekend or (more...)

Did You Know #30 – Order in a Predicate

I’ve known this for a while but never wrote about it. In KScope19 I attended a session by Alex Nuijten and during the session he asked a question about LIKE predicate that reminded me this, so here it is.


It’s quite obvious that if you have a column (let’s say ID) and you want to query only the rows with the value 5 you can write it like this:

SQL> select id from tab  (more...)

KScope19 – It’s a Wrap

This year I attended my second KScope ever. My first one was 2 years ago in San Antonio (I wrote about it here) and I missed last year’s one. In 2019, ODTUG decided to have the conference in Seattle, which is so cool for me as it’s just across the border. I actually ended up taking the bus. It’s a 4 hour trip, much cheaper than a flight and quite convenient.

I really like (more...)