Access the original calling context in a callback function in TypeScript

While working on my Ionic 2 application, I made use of the exif.js library (for extracting meta-data from image files). Some of the key functions in this library are called and passed a callback function that is invoked when the image has been analyzed. From this callback function, I wanted to invoke a function (TypeScript method) defined in my class. Inside the callback function however, I did not have access to the calling context. (more...)

Using and including a 3rd party JavaScript library in an Ionic 2 and Angular 2 [typescript] application

While working on a Ionic 2 (and Angular 2) application, I needed to make use of a 3rd party library (exif – – to be exact, a JavaScript library for client side image analysis). This article describes the few steps I learned I had to go through in order to include that library in my application and use it in my [typescript]code. Note: this X-Team blog article showed me the way, after I (more...)

Creating (near) native mobile web app (aka progressive web app) for iOS with Ionic 2

It has been a long standing ambition of mine to create an app that I could run on my iPhone. This weekend I finally realized that ambition – in what turned out to be a surprisingly simple fashion. Using various tutorials, tips from colleagues and the Ionic 2 framework, I created a progressive web app (pure HTML 5) that I can add to the iOS launchpad as what to all intents and purposes feels like (more...)