ADF 12c – Allow user to personalize the form items at run time using MDS based Change Persistence

The requirement is easily written down: the web page contains a form with multiple form items. Each user should be allowed to personalize the form at run time. This personalization entails the ability to hide and show form items. When user has decided to hide and show specific items – this decision should be persisted across sessions so that when the user logins at a later date, the form items she has hidden are still (more...)

Donderdag 16 april/Thursday April 16th – Speedy Joe’s – Using asynchronous interaction in Java EE to turn the world’s slowest restaurant into a super performant place

De Java SIG (Special Interest Group) van AMIS organiseert op donderdag 16 april een bijeenkomst (publiek toegankelijk) over asynchrone interacties in Java EE (web) applicaties. Synchrone interacties in de echte wereld en in IT applicaties kunnen de boel behoorlijk ophouden. Synchroon betekent wachten – en resources vasthouden. Dat kan een probleem vormen voor schaalbaarheid en performance. In deze sessie leer je dit probleem te tackelen.

imageDeze SIG is interessant voor ontwikkelaars met JAVA kennis en (more...)

Some tips on creating, editing and manipulating and merging MP4 video files

Over the last few days, I have spent quite some time on creating several videos, demonstrating the use of technology. Creating this videos took a lot of time – especially the final step: merging five MP4 files together. This article provides some very brief pointers.

First of all, I have used SnagIt to create the initial screen-cams. Recent releases of SnagIt (note: this is not a free tool, although it is good value for its (more...)

Demonstration of Oracle Stream Explorer for live device monitoring – collect, filter, aggregate, pattern match, enrich and publish

This article describes a use case for Oracle Stream Explorer – Oracle’s business user friendly interface on top of OEP – Oracle Event Processor. We assume a large number of devices – such as printers, copiers, sensors, detectors, coffee machines – spread across the globe – and the cloud.


All devices continuously report their status, by sending a message every other second that contains their device identifier, a code that can indicate the healthy status (more...)

Use Oracle Stream Explorer and the Service Execution Reporter policy to analyze service behavior – find too-late-closing flights on Saibot Airport

This article shows how using the Service Execution Reporting policy – first introduced in this article: – and the bridge created from the reporter through JMS to Stream Explorer – demonstrated in this article: – we can create a business monitor. The reports on service executions can be interpreted in a functional way to produce business insight.

In this article we will specifically monitor airplanes at the gate – (more...)