Expose Docker Container services on the Internet using the ngrok docker image

The challenge: you are running a service, API or web application in a Docker container, locally on your laptop or in a cloud based VM or container platform. You would like to provide access to external consumers – yourself on your smart phone, a piece of code running in a cloud environment, a colleague on your local network or on the other side of the world. The question is: how to get requests from these (more...)

Don’t ask what you can do for documentation – ask what documentation can do for you! (a top down perspective on documentation)

Related imageHow much documentation is enough documentation? What are the requirements in the definition of done regarding documentation? Cannot simply all code be self-documenting? These are common questions in DevOps, Scrum and other type of software development teams. Typically bottom up discussions among software developers at the time of developing the software. Not the best time to have this discussion – when all focus is on deliverable or delivered functionality – and not necessarily all the (more...)

Finding the shortest path from Country A to Country B – using Neo4J and Node

Graph Databases are good at recording nodes and edges – and even more at performing queries that traverse the edges. Some challenges can be dealt with in Graph Databases far more elegantly and efficiently than for example in relational databases using traditional SQL.

As simple example, this article will create a Neo4J Graph Database instance, populated with the countries of the world (the nodes) and the (land) borders between the countries (the edges). The country (more...)

Session Catalog for Oracle OpenWorld & CodeOne 2018 in JSON files

The Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne 2018 conferences took place in the last week of October 2018. Together, over 1500 sessions took place. The session catalog with details for all sessions is accessible at https://events.rainfocus.com/widget/oracle/oow18/catalogcodeone18 – at least at the time of writing. The session information includes title and abstract, track, session type, names of speakers, download link for the slides and more.


The data in the session catalog represents an interesting data set (more...)

First steps with Oracle Self Service Integration Cloud

An important part of enabling optimal use of SaaS applications is integrating various functions in said applications. Events in one application need to have an effect in others. From simple practical matters such as “send  an email when a specific type of file was uploaded into a certain Dropbox or OneDrive folder” or “Update a Google Document when a IRA issue is created” to more profound actions as “When a new lead is added to (more...)

Internet Intelligence – Checking on the accessibility of your web application from Anywhere in the world – for free with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

A valuable capability that organizations using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure have available is internet intelligence. This capability allows you to monitor the health and accessibility of your web site’s  or web application’s host – from over 30 locations across the world. You enter the IP address of the host and the internet intelligence feature uses its global network of internet sensors to ping the host and it reports the observed latencies.

“IP Troubleshooting provides network reachability (more...)

Building a Conference Session Recommendation engine using Neo4J Graph Database

This article describes a use case for which a traditional SQL-powered relational database approach can provide a solution – but for which that traditional approach is not the optimal solution. SQL is jack of all trades – you can make it do almost anything you need. And therefore it is easy to become your hammer and every challenge a nail. This article is if anything meant to open my and maybe your eyes to the (more...)

CQRS through Twitter – more fun than meaning

As part of my 50 Shades of Data presentation, I talk about CQRS – Command Query Responsibility Segregation. The idea that you can have one or more read only data stores with data replicated from the master store where all data manipulation (commands) take place. In a different presentation, I introduce Apache Kafka and explain its concepts. In this article, these two topics come together, in a light hearted fashion.

My starting point is the (more...)

Get going with Project Fn on a remote Kubernetes Cluster from a Windows laptop–using Vagrant, VirtualBox, Docker, Helm and kubectl

| Mar 4, 2018


The challenge I describe in this article is quite specific. I have a Windows laptop. I have access to a remote Kubernetes cluster (on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). I want to create Fn functions and deploy them to an Fn server running on that Kubernetes (k8s from now on) environment and I want to be able to execute functions running on k8s from my laptop. That’s it.

In this article I will take you on a (more…)