AMIS celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Technology Blog

imageIn July 2014, the AMIS Technology Blog has been live for ten years. A decade of sharing knowledge, opinions, research results and reviews. Ten years of community service – driven by enthusiasm, knowledge and fun.

Counted among the most visible and valuable resources on Oracle technology today, the AMIS Technology Blog was first launched in July 2004. Using the then relatively new blogging tool WordPress on a small Linux server under a desk somewhere in (more...)

Hooking up JDeveloper 12.1.3 to a GitHub repository

This article describes how a JDeveloper application can be published to a GitHub repository – through an intermediary local repository – using the Team (Versioning) support in JDeveloper 12.1.3.


Create GitHub repository


Set the name to blog_repository and click on the button Create repository.


Copy the remote URL to the clipboard.

Create directory and initialize [local]Git repository in /blog_repository (note: this example is created on Linux; the system had Git already set (more...)