First Steps with Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes on Windows

Preparation: before I started with Prometheus, I installed VirtualBox, Minikube with Tiller on my Windows 10 laptop – as described in this article:

I then increased the Base Memory setting for the minikube vm to 8192 MB (the default 2048 MB is not sufficient)

imageAfter making this change – which can only be done when the VM is not running – I restarted minikube.


git clone


kubectl apply -f  (more...)

Running Kubernetes 1.10 using MiniKube on Windows 10 (adding kubectl and helm/tiller)

Some quick steps to get Minikube for K8S 1.10 up and running on Windows 10 (presuming VirtualBox has already been installed)

Download kubectl binary from: 


Copy kubectl.exe to any directory of your liking; add that directory to the PATH environment variable.



Download minikube from 


Download the minikube-windows-amd64.exe file, rename it to minikube.exe and add it to the same directory as the (more...)

Another Taste of India– ODevCYatra 2018

July 2018 saw another edition of the Oracle Developers’ tour through India, called Yatra. In just over two weeks, seven cities participated in this tour – with each city hosting a one day mini-conference (three of four parallel tracks).


Organized by many volunteers from the local chapters of the All India Oracle User Group, coordinated by Sai Penumuru Janakiram – who did a really tremendous job – this was another great experience. The Oracle ACE (more...)

Get going with Project Fn on a remote Kubernetes Cluster from a Windows laptop–using Vagrant, VirtualBox, Docker, Helm and kubectl

| Mar 4, 2018


The challenge I describe in this article is quite specific. I have a Windows laptop. I have access to a remote Kubernetes cluster (on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). I want to create Fn functions and deploy them to an Fn server running on that Kubernetes (k8s from now on) environment and I want to be able to execute functions running on k8s from my laptop. That’s it.

In this article I will take you on a (more…)