Rapid first few steps with Fn – open source project for serverless functions

Project Fn is an open source project that provides a container native, poly-language, cloud agnostic (aka run on any cloud) serverless platform for running functions. Fn was launched during Oracle OpenWorld 2017. Fn is available on GitHub (https://github.com/fnproject/fn ) and provides all resources required to get started. In this article, I will just show you (and myself) how I went through the quick start steps and what it looked like on my laptop (more...)

Create Debian VM with Docker Host using Vagrant–automatically include Guest Additions

A short and simple article. I needed a Debian VM that I could use as Docker host – to run on my Windows 10 laptop. I resorted to Vagrant. With a few very simple steps, I got what I wanted:

0. install Vagrant (if not already done)

0. install Vagrant plugin for automatically adding Virtual Box Guest Additions to every VM stamped out by Vagrant (so folder mapping from host laptop to VM is supported)



JSON manipulation in Java 9 JShell

In this article I will demonstrate how we can work with JSON based data – for analysis, exploration, cleansing and processing – in JShell, much like we do in Python. I work with a JSON document with entries for all sessions at the Oracle OpenWorld 2017 conference (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lucasjellema/scrape-oow17/master/oow2017-sessions-catalog.json)

The Java 9 SE specification for the JDK does not contain the JSON-P API and libraries for processing JSON. In order to (more...)

Java 9 – First baby steps with Modules and jlink

In a recent article, I created an isolated Docker Container as Java 9 R&D environment: https://technology.amis.nl/2017/10/11/quick-and-clean-start-with-java-9-running-docker-container-in-virtualbox-vm-on-windows-10-courtesy-of-vagrant/. In this article, I will use that environment to take few small steps with Java 9 – in particular with modules. Note:this story does not end well. I wanted to conclude with using jlink to create a stand alone runtime that contained both the required JDK modules and my own module – and demonstrate how small that (more...)

Quick and clean start with Java 9–running Docker container in VirtualBox VM on Windows 10 courtesy of Vagrant

The messages from JavaOne 2017 were loud and clear. Some of these:

  • Java 9 is here,
  • the OpenJDK has all previously exclusive commercial features from the Oracle (fka SUN) JDK – this includes the Java Flight Recorder for real time monitoring/metrics gathering and analysis,
  • Java 9 will be succeeded by Java 18.3, 18.9 and so on (a six month cadence) with much quicker evolution with continued quality and stability
  • JigSaw is finally here; (more...)

ODC Appreciation Day : Timeline component in Oracle JET, Data Visualization Cloud, APEX and ADF DVT: #ThanksODC

Here is my entry for the Oracle Developer Community ODC Appreciation Day (#ThanksODC).

It is quite hard to make a choice for a feature to write about. So many to talk about. And almost every day another favorite of the month. Sliding time windows. The Oracle Developer Community – well, that is us. All developers working with Oracle technology, sharing experiences and ideas, helping each other with inspiration and solutions to challenges, making each other (more...)

SaaS going forward at Oracle OpenWorld 2017–Smart, Connected, Productivity, Multi-Channel

I have not seen many sessions on SaaS and business applications at OracleOpen World. Yet SaaS is becoming increasingly more important. The number of SaaS applications or at least the number of functions that standard available applications can perform is growing rapidly. The availability to any organization of SaaS functions that will support them with a large portion of their business process is growing. The main challenge of corporate IT departments is going to shift (more...)

Some impressions from Oracle Analytics Cloud–taken from keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

In his keynote on October 3rd during Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Thomas Kurian stated that the vision at Oracle around analytics has changed quite considerably. He explained this change and the new vision using this slide.


All kinds of data, all kinds of users, many more ways to present and visualize and machine generated insights to complement human understanding.

The newly launched Analytics Cloud supports this vision.


Zooming in on Data Preparation:


And from cleansed (more...)

Top 5 Infrastructure (IaaS) announcements by Oracle at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

From Thomas Kurian’s keynote during Oracle OpenWorld 2017 – see https://youtu.be/cef7C2uiDTM – a quick recap of the five most important announcements regarding IaaS:










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Recording, slides and code resources for Oracle Code session: Real Time UI with Apache Kafka Streaming Analytics of Fast Data and Server Push

On YouTube, you will find the 44 min recording of my talk on Oracle Code San Francisco (October 2017):



The slides are on SlideShare:

All code sources are on GitHub: https://github.com/lucasjellema/real-time-ui-with-kafka-streams

The post Recording, slides and code resources for Oracle Code session: Real Time UI with Apache Kafka (more...)

Watch Oracle OpenWorld 2017 Keynotes On Demand

imageWatch Keynotes on YouTube using these links:

Larry Ellison (Sunday Oct 1st) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEupUSSSEBo

Dave Donatelli (Tuesday Oct 3rd) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irvNYpCopA8 

imageThomas Kurian (Tuesday Oct 3rd) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cef7C2uiDTM 

Larry Ellison (Tuesday Oct 3rd) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faKWViY6zEk&t=6s 

SuiteConnect – Evan Goldberg (Wednesday Oct 4th) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pURoDocJW1Y 

imageJavaOne Keynote (Monday Oct 2nd) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNg9lmk60sg


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Fun with Data Visualization Cloud–creating a timeline for album releases

I have played a little with Oracle’s Data Visualization cloud and it is really fun to be able to so quickly turn raw data into nice and sometimes meaningful visuals. I do not pretend I grasp the full potential of Data Viz CS, but I can show you some simple steps to quickly create something good looking and potentially really useful.

My very first steps were documented in this earlier article: https://technology.amis.nl/2017/09/10/hey-mum-i-am-a-citizen-data-scientist-with-oracle-data-visualization-cloud-and-you-can-be-one-too/.

In (more...)

Tweet with download link for JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld slide decks

In a recent article I discussed how to programmatically fetch a JSON document with information about sessions at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2017. Yesterday, slidedecks for these sessions started to become available. I have analyzed how the link to these downloads were included in the JSON data returned by the API. Then I created simple Node programs to tweet about each of the sessions for which the download became available


and to download the file (more...)