Graphical file explorer tool on top of Oracle Storage Cloud Service – CloudBerry for easy file inspection and manipulation

The Oracle Storage Cloud Service is an IaaS offering that underpins [almost]every other PaaS Cloud Service from Oracle. I have been using this service – largely indirectly – with DBaaS, JCS, Application Container Cloud (ACCS) and SOA CS. The initial interaction is usally using Curl against the REST APIs of the Storage Cloud Service. For one off tasks, that works fine. However, while going through development cycles with a Node.js application running on ACCS, (more...)

Open Letter to managers and team leaders of Oracle professionals – the quickest route to brain fuel

Dear manager or team leader of Oracle professionals,

If you have Oracle professionals in your team –whether they are DBAs, PL/SQL developers or Middleware & ADF specialists – in all cases, personal growth and improving knowledge are important goals for them and thereby for you as well. In this light, there is an international event in The Netherlands in the beginning of June that I would like to point out to you: a unique opportunity (more...)

Open Brief aan Oracle Professionals – gun jezelf twee dagen kennismaking met je toekomst – op 2 en 3 juni 2016

Beste Oracle professional,

Of je nu PL/SQL ontwikkelaar bent, DBA, ADF ontwikkelaar of SOA Suite specialist, de nieuwsgierigheid blijft altijd kriebelen. Hoop ik. Je wilt beter worden in je vak, nieuwe dingen leren, minimaal bijblijven en je blijven doorontwikkelen. Het is best lastig om in de hectiek en de druk van je dagelijkse werk daar tijd en ruimte voor te maken. Af en toe een week naar Oracle OpenWorld of een conferentie in een ver (more...)

Oracle Cloud – DBaaS instance down for no apparent reason – (how archive log mode and storage shortage forced the instance to its knees)

My Oracle Public Cloud DBaaS instance did not respond. On closer investigation, it turned out to be down. Mounting the database ended with an ORA-3113 End of Communication Channel. Investigation of the startup log and the database alerts indicated that no new archive log files could be created. The DBaaS instance is in archive log mode – and has created quite a chunk of archive log files over the last few months – now causing (more...)

Parse JSON Array in SQL and PL/SQL – turn to a Nested Table

Transferring data between technologies and application tiers is done using various formats – binary, native on the one hand and open, text based such as CSV, XML and JSON on the other. Use of JSON is rapidly growing as a growing number of platforms and technologies provides support for JSON.

I recently was working on a Node.js application that exposed a REST API to HTTP consumers. The consumers could send POST requests with a (more...)

Create and Run Docker Container with Node.js and Node Oracle DB Driver from Windows using Vagrant and VirtualBox

My objective: be able to very quickly run Node.js applications that can connect to an Oracle Database – with minimal disturbance of my laptop environment (Windows 7).

The solution discussed in this article: use Vagrant on Windows – together with VirtualBox – to create a Linux Host VM, install Docker in that VM and provision a Docker Container with Oracle Linux 7, Node.js and the node-oracle package (the Oracle Database Driver) with the (more...)