Rapid creation of Virtual Machine(s) for SOA Suite 12.1.3 server run time environment – leveraging Vagrant, Puppet and Biemond

imageIn recent previous articles I have discussed the use of Vagrant and Puppet for the automated creation of Virtual Machines, for example with various Oracle software components completely installed into them. In this article, I am merely the consumer of goodies. Edwin Biemond published on GitHub the complete set of Vagrant and Puppet configuration files for creating VMs with the SOA Infra database (Oracle Database, populated with the RCU installer) and (more...)

Fastest way to a Virtual Machine with JDeveloper 12.1.3 and Oracle Database XE 11gR2 – on Ubuntu Linux 64 bit

In a previous article I have explained in quite a bit of detail how to create the Vagrant and Puppet scripts for stamping out a Virtual Box VM with Oracle Database XE 11gR2 and JDeveloper 12.1.3 (with ADF 12.1.3) on top of Ubuntu (64bit Linux): http://technology.amis.nl/2014/07/29/creating-automated-jdeveloper-12-1-3-oracle-xe-11gr2-environment-provisioning-using-vagrant-and-puppet/. If you want to learn a little more about Vagrant and Puppet, that might be an interesting read. However, if you do not (more...)

Creating automated JDeveloper 12.1.3 & Oracle XE 11gR2 environment provisioning – using Vagrant and Puppet

Standing on the shoulders of many smart and persistent friends, peers and colleagues, I was able to fairly quickly concoct the Vagrant and Puppet configuration that allows automated provisioning of a VirtualBox VM that runs Ubuntu (64bit Linux) with Oracle Database XE 11gR2 and JDeveloper 12.1.3 (with ADF 12.1.3). With a few command line actions, the creation of a clean and preconfigured VM is done in the background. image

This article gives (more...)

AMIS celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Technology Blog

imageIn July 2014, the AMIS Technology Blog has been live for ten years. A decade of sharing knowledge, opinions, research results and reviews. Ten years of community service – driven by enthusiasm, knowledge and fun.

Counted among the most visible and valuable resources on Oracle technology today, the AMIS Technology Blog was first launched in July 2004. Using the then relatively new blogging tool WordPress on a small Linux server under a desk somewhere in (more...)