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Everybody is writing, few people actually reading

When I started this blog, almost 6 years ago I had a clear purpose: give back. I had extracted so much useful information from the internet and in early 2009 it was time to give back. Publish my tricks, secrets, tips, etc. I then moved into Oracle and now I can’t disclose everything I know. […]

Maturity Level? Don’t bother…

I often see consulting firms, experienced Enterprise Architects or even sales architects go on and about the need to assess the Maturity Level in some area on some organisation. I’m sorry but if this is your best ice breaker conversation, or start of an engagement, then you have started by the wrong end: the need […]

Oracle User Group Norway here I go!

It’s with great pleasure that I have accepted the invitation done by the fine gentlemen at the OUGN to be a part of this year’s spring boat OUGN Conference taking us all to high seas, sharing on board the latest and greatest technology trends in the Oracle ecosystem in early April. I will be speaking […]

Why is targeted advertisement so hard?

“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” This doesn’t mean that if you are paying you will get a better service, but that you are paying to not receive (targeted?) advertisement. But I want ads. Quality ads. Ads that are useful. I don’t want to log in into a Hungarian hotel […]

What is a Big Data mindset? (and why should you care)

On his recent Forbes report, Greg Satell lays down 5 steps to get Big Data working in your business. The first four are very well captured, but it was the fifth that really caught my attention: “Adopt a Big Data Mindset“. This is exactly where I want to drill in (more...)

Oracle Corp at useR! Conference 2013 #useR2013 #rstats

This year’s R User Conference happened in Albacete (Spain), gathering R professionals and enthusiasts all over the world since 2004, when it first began in Vienna. The sponsors this year were  REvolution analytics, Google, R-Studio, Oracle, and TIBCO. Other companies like OpenAnalytics and Mango Solutions were also present with a booth stand. Besides sponsoring the (more...)

Four starting questions about Information – Big Data Plan part 1

Big Data – The New Information Before asking the crystal ball what can Big Data do for you, sit back and think about these four questions: Where’s the new information? Where could it be? If it was in the right place, what could happen? (Challenges of the main industries) What are the (more...)

The 3 ways Hadoop will change your Business Intelligence

“It’s the analytics stupid!” Obviously the offense is not intended at the dear reader. It’s a wake up call for all the people excited with Hadoop and lack BI vision. The BI people that lack infrastructure vision are also to blame. Blame for what? We’ll see later in this (more...)

What does Data Science, Borat and Monty Python have in common?

Research: the heart that pumps data If you talk to any kid in school about how he acquires knowledge, he would say that is through studying. The study uses books, classes, internet resources, and all the classic means of knowledge gathering. The further school gets into science the more important it gets to gather knowledge [...]

Big Data: stop the panic, start the project. Do’s and Don’ts.

The question is not anymore if you have a Big Data strategy, the challenge is how are you going to roll it out. What layers of your Information Systems will change? And most importantly: level up the expectations at all levels of the enterprise. Big Data at the Enterprise it’s not about hype and I [...]

DJ Patil at LeWeb, December 2012

Reblogged from What's The Big Data?: Summary of the presentation by Ben Rooney here Update: Ben Rooney interviews DJ Patil Read more… 6 more words, 1 more video Once again DJ Patil nailed it.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Data, but had no PDF to carry around!

Back in March 2012 I experienced an air milage overflow: almost straight from Madrid I’ve picked a flight to Israel to speak at a Big Data conference, only to be back in Lisbon and fly again to Johannesburg in South Africa to meet several customers in the retail and manufacturing area. Back to Lisbon I packed again to London [...]

Tom Kyte lays down in one deck what Oracle Database 12c is all about

Tom Kyte on many new Database 12c features:     Via: ( Filed under: DB Architecture, Oracle 12c, plsql Tagged: LinkedIn, New Features, OOW, Oracle 12c, Tom Kyte

Hadoop! What is it good for? Absolutely … everything!

In times of hysteria people tend to use their reptilian brain. This sub-brain, that has been with us since we were fish, or tadpoles, it’s what kicks in when we face the unknown. In computer science or information technology, organizations tend to hold down to emotions and less and less in reasoning. Could it be [...]