Docker host and bridged networking. Running library/httpd on different ports

Docker provides different networking options. When using the Docker host networking, you don’t have the option to create port mappings. When using images like library/httpd:2.4, you don’t have the option to update the port on which it runs; it runs by default on port 80. Suppose you want to use the host networking feature and want to run library/httpd:2.4 on different ports, how would you do this?

In this blog I’ll explain 2 (more...)

Running Spring Tool Suite and other GUI applications from a Docker container

Running an application within a Docker container helps in isolating the application from the host OS. Running GUI applications like for example an IDE from a Docker container, can be challenging. I’ll explain several of the issues you might encounter and how to solve them. For this I will use Spring Tool Suite as an example. The code (Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml) can also be found here. Due to (several) security concerns, this is not (more...)

Automate the installation of Oracle JDK 8 and 10 on RHEL and Debian derivatives

Automating the Oracle JDK installation on RHEL derivatives (such as CentOS, Oracle Linux) and Debian derivatives (such as Mint, Ubuntu) differs. This is due to different package managers and repositories. In this blog I’ll provide quick instructions on how to automate the installation of Oracle JDK 8 and 10 on different Linux distributions. I choose JDK 8 and 10 since they are currently the only Oracle JDK versions which receive public updates (seeĀ here).


VirtualBox networking explained

VirtualBox networking is extremely flexible. With this flexibility comes the challenge of making the correct choices. In this blog, the different options are explained and some example use cases are elaborated. Access between guests, host and other members of the network is explained and the required configuration is shown. This information is also available in the following presentation.

Networking options

Internal network


VirtualBox makes available a network interface inside a guest. If multiple guests (more...)