pgAdmin in Docker: Provisioning connections and passwords

| Jan 2, 2020

pgAdmin is a popular open source and feature rich administration and development platform for PostgreSQL. When provisioning Postgres database environments using containers, it is not unusual to also provision a pgAdmin container.

The pgAdmin image provided on Docker Hub does not contain any server connection details. When your pgAdmin container changes regularly (think about changes to database connection details and keeping pgAdmin up to date), you might not want to enter the connections and passwords (more...)

Apache Camel + Spring Boot: Different components to expose HTTP endpoints

| Dec 23, 2019

Apache Camel is an open source integration framework that allows you to integrate technologically diverse systems using a large library of components. A common use-case is to service HTTP based endpoints. Those of course come in several flavors and there is quite a choice in components to use.

In this blog post I’ll take a look at what is available and how they differ with respect to flexibility to define multiple hosts, ports and URLs (more...)

Java Microservices: What do you need to tweak to optimize throughput and response times?

| Dec 14, 2019

Performance tuning usually goes something like followed:

  • a performance problem occurs
  • an experienced person knows what is probably the cause and suggests a specific change
  • baseline performance is determined, the change is applied, and performance is measured again
  • if the performance has improved compared to the baseline, keep the change, else revert the change
  • if the performance is now considered sufficient, you’re done. If not, return to the experienced person to ask what to change (more...)