Filesystem events to Elasticsearch / Kibana through Kafka Connect / Kafka

Filesystem events are useful to monitor. They can indicate a security breach. They can also help understanding how a complex system works by looking at the files it reads and writes.

When monitoring events, you can expect a lot of data to be generated quickly. The events might be interesting to process for different systems and at a different pace. Also it would be nice if you could replay events from the start or a (more...)

Minikube on KVM on Linux Mint 19.1

In a previous blog post I wrote about running Minikube on Windows. I ended with the suggestion that getting Minikube working might be much easier on Linux. Thus I installed Linux Mint (as dual-boot) on my laptop and gave it a shot. The steps I took to get it working are described here.

Challenges installing Mint


First I was having some issues getting Mint installed as dual boot OS. First I already had an (more...)