Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( New Features

1. Advanced Index Compression

Advanced Index Compression works well on all supported indexes, including those indexes that are not good candidates for the existing prefix compression feature; including indexes with no, or few, duplicate values in the leading columns of the index.

Advanced Index Compression improves the compression ratios significantly while still providing efficient access to the index.

2. Approximate Count Distinct

The new and optimized SQL function, APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT(), provides approximate count distinct aggregation. Processing (more...)

OTN Article : Oracle Database 12c – Nuevas Características de "Oracle Partitioning"

Oracle Technology Network - OTN (Latina America) published our 6th article in Spanish Language.
This article entitled : Oracle Database 12c – Nuevas Características de "Oracle Partitioning") 
by Joel Perez (Oracle ACED) and Mahir M. Quluzade (OCE)  Published : 17 July 2014

Article link : Oracle Database 12c: Nuevas Características de “Oracle Partitioning”
This article covers a bit new features of "Oracle Partitioning" on Oracle Database 12c (12.1)

Mahir M. Quluzade 

Oracle Multitenant – 12 Jul at Orient event

I will present entitled “Oracle Multitenant” at an event organized by Orient ITM
The presentation agenda as below.

Announcement photo of this event. (in Azerbaijan Language)

Mahir M. Quluzade 

OTech Magazine – Spring 2014 Released!

OTech Magazine is an independent magazine for Oracle professionals. OTech Magazine is a trusted source for news, information and analysis about Oracle and its products. Our readership is made up of professionals who work with Oracle and Oracle related technologies on a daily basis, in addition we cover topics relevant to niches like software architects, developers, designers and others.OTech Magazine‘s writers are considered the top of the Oracle professionals in the world. Only selected (more...)

My article on GPO (Grupo de Profissionais Oracle) Portal

GPO (Group Oracle Professionals) - The greater Oracle community in Brazil. GPO portal is a comprehensive portal implemented with various technologies and various topics on Oracle Technologies.
GPO (Grupo de Profissionais Oracle) Portal :

My article published on GPO (Group Oracle Professionals) portal. 
And it is my GPO profile :  (more...)