APEX: Running multiple version on single Weblogic Server

Sometimes you would like to have multiple versions of APEX running on one Weblogic Server, or Weblogic Cluster. For example, you would like to run APEX version 4.0 and version 4.2 along each other.

To configure this is rather simple and straight forward. The trick is to use (more...)

Review: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Handbook

Extreme performance boost on OSB11g and CLOB objects

When using the JCA DbAdpater in the Oracle Service Bus (OSB11g) normal operations running fine. Most of us using the DbAdapter for simple DML actions (Select/Insert/Update/Delete).

There is a huge performance degradation when you read LOB objects from the DbAdapter. When reading a CLOB from a table, and this CLOB (more...)

WLST Script changing logfile location

While I was migrating Forms6i to Forms11g patch set #5, the configuration tool of Forms11g is a bit strict. In the silent install it is not possible to set de locations of the log files. Here is the script that will set new filename locations of all the Managed Servers (more...)

OEM12c Patchset install: Updated cleanup script

I have updated my script to force a clean-up of de repository of OEM12c with the latest patch set. There were some new roles and synonyms introduced. The old script of OEM12c is here, new one is here, logon as sys user with sysdba priveliges:

delete from SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY where  (more...)