OakTable World 2012 – Greg Rahn video

New video from OakTable World 2012 is available - Greg Rahn - Beyond Relational Databases



New OakTable Video – Delphix presenation

New OakTable World 2012 video from Kyle Hailey presentation has been uploaded into YouTube.


How dNFS database clone works – part 1

There is new feature in Oracle called dNFS clone. It has been described by Kevin Closson on his blog post - Oracle Database 11g Direct NFS Clonedb Feature  and very good configuration description has been posted by Tim Hall on his blog - Direct NFS (DNFS) Clonedb in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (Patchset I have played with it just after I found both blogs but never think how Oracle implemented that feature. I came back to it when my colleague asked me if I ever use that in production environment (more...)

Oracle Linux and ESX hot add cpu and memory

I'm still quite new in Vmware ESX environment and features which I'm using now as my lab (curiosity of VMWare Guru Program).
This time I decided to test hot add CPU and memory functionality. It looks very interesting and in past years hot cpu / memory games where restricted to sophisticated hardware only - now everybody can test is at home.

My lab is basesd on Intel 4 cores and VM are running Oracle Linux 6.3 with or without Oracle Enterprise Kernel. Here are my findings:

1. Hot add CPU / memory is disabled by default and has to (more...)

Oaktable videos


Short update - I have upload new video from OakTable World 2012 - Brendan Gregg -- USE Method for Performance Tuning.

All videos and presentations can be found here - OakTable world