How to rename NIC in OEL 6.X

This is a quick note about host cloning and network interface (ethX) renaming.
As I wrote in my last post I have ESX lab now and I create a template of OEL 6.3 with all my settings and I would like use it for adding new VM (including RAC nodes). It is easy but there is one small issue – every time you clone VM network devices are renamed. Well MAC address is unique so it doesn’t surprise me but I would like to keep interface names like eth0, eth1 and eth2 and I got eth0, eth3, eth4 instead. (more...)

New lab setup

After couple of month playing with Oracle VM I decided to install and configure VMWare. Thanks to VMware Guru Program I’m able to test ESX 5i with one year license. This is excellent opportunity for me to get more familiar with newest VMware solutions. I have been using VMware tools for years and I remember times when I deployed my first Oracle RAC 9i on Workstation 3.x and had to "hack" configuration file to change disk.locking parameter to false.
When I start instalation I have run into couple of issues as I decided to leave my current disk (more...)

DataGuard and Oracle Restart – how to make it work

If you are going to implement Oracle Data Guard together with Oracle Restart you should be aware that there is a configuration problem in version (and probably in other 11.2. as well). Oracle Restart is not checking what is a current database role and it is going to start standby instance in OPEN mode. This can end up with license issue if your Data Guard Broker will start applying process on standby database. If you don't have license to use Active Data Guard you just broken your license agreement.

There is couple of possible solutions:

Oracle Grid Cloud Control 12c BP1 on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.1

I have installed it in my test box and I hit a problem with auto-discovery due to missing library for nmap. Issue is very easy to fix using common Linux troubleshooting approach. First what versions I'm using:
[root@oem-server ~]# cat /etc/oracle-release
Oracle Linux Server release 6.1
[root@oem-server ~]# openssl version
OpenSSL 1.0.0-fips 29 Mar 2010
[root@oem-server ~]# yum list | grep -e "^openssl"
openssl.x86_64                           1.0.0-20.el6_2.5            @ol6_latest
openssl.i686                             1.0.0-20.el6_2.5            ol6_latest
openssl-devel.i686                       1.0.0-20.el6_2.5            ol6_latest
openssl-devel.x86_64                     1.0.0-20.el6_2.5            ol6_latest

RMAN Transportable tablespace bug

I was a long time since I last used Transportable Tablespaces and I decided to refresh my memory and setup a test environment for Streams using TTS feature. I was going to use example script from Oracle Streams Documentation which is creating necessary data files for specified point of time (no need to switch source tablespace into read only mode) and also is running Data Pump creating meta data file. I have done necessary  changes and run it.
[oracle@testdb1 oracle]$ rsp / as sysdba
SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Aug 6 12:50:04 2012
Copyright (c)  (more...)