DataGuard – Far Sync – part 1 – simple configuration

Oracle introduced a new feature for DataGuard called Far Sync. This configuration is design to support synchronous redo transport between primary and standby database which are far apart. In usual configuration synchronous redo transport between data centre in Europe and US is possible but inefficient from the primary database performance (more...)

Oracle 12c – incremental backup for DataGuard over network

If you have DataGuard or standby database in your organization you probably will love that new RMAN feature. Since 12c it is possible to catchup standby database using incremental backup using one command. Additional space and time need to run incremental backup, copy over to standby and restore can be (more...)

PL/SQL function in SQL – short example – Oracle 12c

This is my first post about Oracle 12c. When I first time heard about PL/SQL functions inside SQL my first thought was - can I use it in my topaas.sql script to run it in loop ? I decided to give PL/SQL functions in SQL a quick try to and (more...)

DataGuard FastStart Failover configuration with Oracle Wallet

Last two months were very busy for me with lot of work and moving house as well. There is a lot of thoughts in my head I want to write about but some of them have to wait until my lab will be online again.Recently I was working on (more...)

dbms_dnfs and

If you are using to use dbms_dnfs to clone your database as described in MOS note 1210656.1 or on Tim's Hall blog - Direct NFS (DNFS) Clonedb in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (Patchset and your database version is there is (more...)