An introduction into Oracle VM (V3.x)

One other internal presentation that was presented by me, showed the technical architecture and production experiences regarding Oracle VM V3. It was based on demo of a Hands-On Lab (HOL-9870, Oracle VM) given during Oracle Openworld 2013. Based on this HOL, structures were explained and demoed for architects and database administrators. An introduction into Oracle


An introduction into Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3

I have given some internal and customer presentations lately that you might find useful or like, so hereby a direct share to the presentation about Oracle’s Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (V3) An introduction into Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 from Marco Gralike

Oracle EMEA Virtual Developer Days 2014

Aanstaande dinsdag 4 maart wordt er door Oracle een Oracle EMEA Virtual Developer Day georganiseerd. Je kunt je hiervoor gratis inschrijven en live, via het internet, deze volgen, mocht je in de gelegenheid zijn. Je hebt de mogelijkheid om zelf mee te doen, via twee beschikbaar gestelde VirtualBox virtuele demo machine omgevingen, of alleen de


In Memoriam

My placeholder page to remember him by, my eldest brother Guido, as he was: caring, an example, a human for humans, helping, sharing… Guido Bernardus Henricus Gralike 15-12-1957*  -  16-02-2014✝ Door intens te denken (By intense thinking) aan het goede in anderen, door (about the good in others, by) hen volledig ten dienste te zijn, (in


Merry Holidays…!

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ORA-14696: MAX_STRING_SIZE migration is incomplete for pluggable database

Like me, in the future or for testing, you might need a database with varchar2(32k) support. Although most is explained, the current documentation is a bit incomplete regarding how to get a pluggable database environment to support varchar2(32k). Regarding CDB, PDB environments, to get this done, the following is described (more...)

String Aggregation of “Huge” Strings via XML

My goal was initially to concatenate all rows generated via the package DBMS_FEATURE_USAGE_REPORT in one big HTML (XML?) document instead of the by default generated multiple row output… So how can you achieve this (in Oracle 11.1 and onwards) without getting into varchar2() or other buffer limitations…   (more...)

Oracle XMLDB Pragma – Cheat sheet

Hereby a listing of XQuery, XPath pragma’s used in the Oracle (XMLDB) environment. The list is currently not ordered, and/or order by topic; this so I will be able to add pragma’s more easily over time. Most of this stuff is documented but…not easy to find, so therefore this short (more...)

OakTable World UK during the UKOUG Tech13 Conference

I am happy to announce that a lot of my OakTable members will do the extra mile by giving extra presentations during the UKOUG Tech13 Conference this year. Although I will be attending at the DOAG this year for the first time, I will sorely be missing out on UKOUG (more...)

Technology preview – Oracle XQuery for Hadoop (New Big Data Connector)

Yesterday I went to the Big Data machine engineered systems demo grounds, to get an insight, exclusive demo from Dmitry Lychagin. Dmitry, being part of the XDB team explained with a lot of enthusiasm the new XQuery connector for Hadoop. Although currently not yet released, but available shortly, he demonstrated (more...)