Software only installation of Oracle Database 12c release 1

In this post I'm going to install only the software of the Oracle Database 12c release 1.

Download from Oracle website and extract it into the home directory of the oracle user.
[oracle@localhost ~]$ pwd
[oracle@localhost ~]$ cd database/
[oracle@localhost database]$ ./runInstaller &
The GUI of the installer is (more...)

How to avoid kernel-uek is needed by oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall on CentOS while installing Oracle Database 12c release 1

So as you should know Oracle Database Server 12c release 1 is finally out there and this is my first post about it.
I've just finished to download some fundamental documents from Oracle website such as "2 Day DBA", "New Features Guide", "Concepts Guide", "Upgrade Guide", "Administrator's Guide" (1360 pages!!! (more...)

How to restore the spfile while using the flash recovery area and not the recovery catalog

Imagine someone has deleted your spfile or you have modified it in depth that you are now unable to even startup your database.
Your only option is to restore your spfile and this step is easy if you have not forgot to setup your RMAN environment to use the AUTOBACKUP (more...)

How to perform a SCN-based incomplete recovery

When you don't know the date and time to which you want to recover the database, SCN-based incomplete recovery could be taken into consideration especially if you are able to retrieve a particular SCN.
In this scenario I will perform a SCN-based incomplete recovery after I have used the Oracle (more...)

How to perform a time-based incomplete recovery

Every incomplete recovery is followed by a resetlogs command before opening the database: each time you use a resetlogs command, a new incarnation of the database is created.
While performing incomplete recovery it should be known the target point at which the recovery process needs to terminate: there are several (more...)