Getting the most out of your Oracle database processor license in the cloud – if you dare…

Following up on the the Oracle doubled the costs for database licenses on MS Azure and partly on AWS post, I wondered with which setup on which cloud provider you would get the most bang out of an Oracle SE2 database processor license and what the recent change in Oracle licensing means especially for Azure users.

I’ve done an overly simple CPU benchmark test against Azure, AWS and Oracle cloud instances to get a rough (more...)

Oracle doubled the costs for database licenses on MS Azure and partly on AWS

On January 23rd, 2017 Oracle published a new version of their “Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment” document.

The current version is available here:

Previously, a virtual database server with 8 virtual cores running Oracle Enterprise Edition in an authorized cloud environment needed 8* 0.5 =4 processor licenses.

Now, the same server on MS Azure (all instance types) or on AWS servers that do NOT have hyperthreading (namely the (more...)

Oracle Certified Master exam passed

oracle_master.png (352×352)

After about 4 months of preparation and by far the most stressing exam in my professional life, I am extremely happy about the email from Oracle University today saying:

Congratulations! on the successful completion of the Oracle DBA 11g Certified Master practicum.


Mumbai version 3.1.1 available

Yes, it is still alive.???? Version 3.1.1 of Mumbai is available for download.

Mumbai served me well over the last months, so there were no updates for quite some time. However, it’s time to do at least some compatibilty fixes, especially in regards to 12c.

So here is the first shot which fixes some of the major compatibilty problems. I expect that there are more things to fix (and extend) regarding 12c and RAC (more...)

Mumbai version 3.0.1 available

Version 3.0.1 of Mumbai is available for download. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Breaking change: Any custom command that you set up on the toolbar will be gone.

  • Breaking change: If you use a master password to encrypt connection passwords, you will loose all your stored passwords with this release. To prevent this, run your current version first and remove the master password, before updating to this version.

  • There is now a 32 (more...)

Mumbai 2.0 status update

Thanks a lot to everyone who donated for Mumbai version 2.0 until now! The total is at around 110 US$ right now, but of course you can still change this. :-)

I’ve started adding features and I’m making good progress. Here’s a sneak preview of what already is implemented for version 2.0:

  • You can now create your own charts from any table data (right click on a table and select “General function>New custom (more...)

Fund raising for Mumbai 2.0

Mumbai has always been free-to-use and I don’t want to change this ever. However, I’ve spent considerable amounts for development tools over the last years. To be able to implement some new features, I will need to invest a bit again, so I am asking now for donations to support the further development of Mumbai.

Number one on my shopping list is a source code version of the Direct Oracle Access components. They were kind (more...)

New version of Mumbai in the works

This is just a quick note that, after almost two years, I am again working on Mumbai and there should be a new version out within the next one or two months.

While Mumbai served me well on a daily basis over the last months and year at my job, my job has and will change a bit, so I am back at it. You can expect support for ASM, RAC and Linux and since (more...)