Day 5 of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 October 2nd

It's the last day of Oracle OpenWorld and we have saved the very best for last. So hopefully you are still awake and functioning after the party!

Today, we have a fantastic line up of In-Memory sessions.

We get the day started at 9:30AM with Top Five Things to Know About Oracle Database In-Memory (Session CON7248) in Moscone South - room 104. During this session, myself and several of the customers who have tested Oracle (more...)

Day 4 of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 October 1st

Thanks to all those who stopped by the demogrounds  to chat with the In-Memory developers over the last two days. Remember, today is the last day of the demogrounds, so if you haven't had a chance to stop by yet, do so today. The In-Memory developers will be there from 9:45 am until 4pm. This maybe your last chance to snag an In-Memory bumper sticker!

There are also some great technical session on today, including: