I've played a little with Oracle SQL Plan Management and something caught my eye.

Let's create simple test.

SQL> select /* test_spm */ count(*) from admin.objekti;


SQL> set lines 200
SQL> col sql_text for a50 wrapped
SQL> select sql_id, sql_text from v$sql
2 where sql_text like '%test_spm%';

------------- --------------------------------------------------
cpzgdw9swdvzk select /* test_spm */ count(*) from admin.objekti
ap9td7vafq26n select sql_id, sql_text from v$sql where sql_text
like '%test_spm%'

I (more...)

RAC One Node 12cR1 Instance placement after failover

RAC One Node is Oracle active-passive solution very similar to RAC which is active-active solution.
Running active-passive solution using Oracle Clusterware was possible even before introduction of RAC One Node, but RAC One node brought configuration and managing of active-passive cluster to another level.

In my test environment I've created active-passive cluster using 12cR1 Grid Infrastructure with 12cR1 RAC One Node database.

I've tested failover for Oracle database and noticed interesting behavior with instance placement.


Convert 12cR1 non-RAC database to RAC database using rconfig

I have recently configured Active/Passive Failover cluster using Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 and wrote document on that subject. Now I plan to use this environment and convert "test12" database from Single-Instance to RAC database.

There are several ways to convert non-RAC database to RAC database:
- using Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
- Oracle Enterprise Manager
- rconfig command line utility
- manually

In this post I will describe how to perform conversion using rconfig utility.

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Combining schedules with DBMS_SCHEDULER

Suppose I want to create job which will execute every 30 minutes in “working” hours, and at the rest of the day every hour.

For example:

With DBMS_JOB I would write something like this in repeat interval:

(CASE WHEN TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'HH24')) IN (8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17)
ELSE TRUNC(sysdate,'HH')+1/24 END)

In DBMS_SCHEDULER I will create two schedules (“WORK”,”NIGHT”) and main schedule ("MAIN_DAY") which will combine those two for job schedule.


How to configure Active/Passive Failover cluster using Grid Infrastructure 12cR1

I'm big fan of tools like VirtualBox or VmWare because they offer you opportunity to try various "enterprise" configurations, installations and scenarios on your notebook. Maybe the biggest benefit for my learning lies in these tools.

In this post I will share with you document about creation of Active/Passive failover cluster using Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 on OEL 6.4. There you can find screenshots taken during my playing in virtual environment packed in PDF (more...)