New Article in German iX Magazine: CapeDwarf

Another article hit the road today. This time a comprehensive introduction to CapeDwarf which is Red Hat's Google App Engine implementation for AS 7. In German iX Magazine 11/2013.

CapeDwarf tries to bring Google's App Engine to JBoss AS7
Red Hat's CapeDwarf project tries to bring two well-established technologies (more...)

Review: "TestNG Beginner’s Guide" by Varun Menon

Packt was so kind to send me another book to look at. I've always been curious about testing in general and I was looking for some good stuff to hand to co-workers or otherwise interested people to get started with TestNG.

Unit/Functional testing has now become part of every (more...)

Travel Report: JavaOne 2013 – Back To Glory

I'm back since a few days already and needed to catch up with all the things which had been on hold for the last couple of days. It was the busiest time of the year for me. A complete week of JavaOne and OpenWorld in San Francisco. A very brief (more...)

New Article in German Java Aktuell – Java EE 7

Once in a while I publish stuff. This one is for my German speaking and reading audience. Latest Java Aktuell isse, which is the mouth piece of German iJUG e.V. has published an article of mine about the new Java EE 7 release.

Mobile statt Cloud - Java EE (more...)

Java Mission Control 5.2 is Finally Here! Welcome 7u40!

It has been a while since we last heard of this fancy little thing called Mission Control. It came all the way from JRockit and was renamed to Java Mission Control. This is one of the parts which literally survived the convergence strategy between HotSpot and JRockit. With today's Java (more...)