Review: "Arquillian in Action" by Alex Soto and Jason Porter

I got an email from Manning recently and have to admit, that I didn't even know about the book they were asking me to review. And this is a shame in various dimensions. The book is about Arquillian, which is my favorite integration testing framework and it is written by two fellow friends Alex and Jason. Time to take a more detailed look and point my fellow readers to this newest member in the Arquillian (more...)

My Book: Modern Java EE Design Patterns

Today is a very special day for me. I am pleased to announce that my thoughts around Enterprise Java development made it into a report and has been published by O'Reilly. The "Modern Java EE Design Patterns" mini-book is available for download as of today at For free! I am covering a lot of ground in this, beginning from the overall Enterprise challenges and changes over the last couple of years all (more...)

Docker for Java EE Developers – A Sneak Peak Into Our JavaOne HOL

Instead of writing a blogpost, I should be cleaning and packing. Actually, JavaOne is just around the corner and beside my own two sessions about Apache Camel and the future of integration, I'm really looking forward to the Docker for Java EE developers Hands On Lab. A lot of preparations went into this one and it has been given some times before, but this is actually the first time that Rafael and I get a (more...)

Learn more. Red Hat Mini-Theater Sessions at JavaOne.

And here is the schedule of all the mini-theater sessions we're going to run on our booth at JavaOne. No signup required. Just drop by and sit in. Make sure to be on time because space is limited.
And another plus for showing up early is that you can get one of the inspirational and motivational 20 years of Java t-shirts that we're giving out!
Want more? There may be stickers. And people to talk (more...)

OpenShift Quick Tip: Port Forwarding with v3 and the All-In-One-VM

Just a short tip today, but I was playing around with the all-in-one vm from the OpenShift team and wanted to use the port-forwarding feature for a quick check of a running database. You can use the CLI to forward one or more local ports to a pod. This allows you to listen on a given or random port locally, and have data forwarded to and from given ports in the pod.

But whenever I (more...)