Honey, I shrunk the database!

| May 19, 2020
For my current assignment I need to get 3 SOA/B2B environments running. I'm going to try-out the multi-hop functionality, where the middle B2B environment should work as a dispatcher. The idea is that in Dev, Test and Pre Prod environments the dev environment can send messages to the remote trading partner's test environment, through the in-between-environment. To the remote trading partner, that in-between-environment should act as the local test environment, but then should be able (more...)

New FMW 12c Vagrant project

| May 15, 2020


Several years ago I blogged about automatic creation of Fusion Middleware environments.
See for instance this article on installation, this one on the domain creation and these notes.

In between I wrote several articles on issues I got, start/stop scripts, etc.

Later I found out about Vagrant and since then I worked with that. And this I enhanced through the years, for instance, nowadays I use different provisioners to setup my environment.


Vagrant Oracle Linux and the Vagrant user: use a password

| May 13, 2020
Last year and earlier this year I have been struggling to create a new Vagrant box based on an installation of the Oracle Base box. I had some extra requirements, for instance having a GUI in my server to get to a proper desktop when it comes handy. I found in the end that it might be more convenient to create a base box by myself. I also tried using a ssh-key to have the (more...)

SOA Suite: SOAP Faults in BPEL and Mediator

| Apr 29, 2020
In the past few months, at our current customer we are having a "robustness project" to improve our SOA Suite implementation. We had a lot of duplication and it turned out that we had a lot of WSDLs in our composite projects. Many of those are a result of BPEL projects from 10g. But some of them weren't possible to move because it would break the project.

The first projects where I encountered the problem (more...)

SOA Composite Sensors and the ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column exception

| Mar 11, 2020
Last year I wrote about SOA Composite Sensors and how they can be a good alternative for the BPEL Indexes in 10g. This week I was confronted with the "ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column" exception in one of our composites. It was about a process that is triggered to do some message archiving.

A bit about BPEL Sensors

Funny thing is that this archiving process is triggered (more...)

Vagrant box with Oracle Linux 77 basebox – additional fiddlings

| Feb 28, 2020
Last year on the way home from the UK OUG TechFest 19, I wrote about creating a Vagrant box from the Oracle provided basebox in this article.

Lately I wanted to use it but I stumbled upon some nasty pitfalls.

Failed to load SELinux policy

For starters, as described in the article, I added the 'Server with GUI' package and packaged the box in a new base box. This is handy, because the creation of (more...)

My first node program: get all the named complexTypes from an xsd file

| Feb 27, 2020
Node JS Logo
Lately I'm working on some scripting for scanning SOA Projects for several queries. Some more in line of my script to scan JCA files. I found that ANT is very helpfull in selecting the particular files to process. Also in another script I found it very usefull to use JavaScript with in ANT.

In my JCA scan example, and my other scripts, at some points I need to read and interpret the found xml document (more...)

Get XML Document from SOA Infra table

| Feb 25, 2020
Today I'm investigating a problem in an interaction between Siebel and SOASuite. I needed to find a set of correlated messages, where BPEL expects only one message but gets 2 from Siebel.

I have a query like:
GET_XML_DOCUMENT(xdc.document,to_clob(' ')) doc_PAYLOAD,
dmg.conv_id ,
dmg.properties msg_properties
document_dlv_msg_ref dmr
join xml_document xdc on xdc.document_id (more...)

My Weblogic on Kubernetes Cheatsheet, part 3.

| Feb 21, 2020
Oracle Kubernetes

In two previous parts I already wrote about my Kubernetes experiences and the important commands I learned:
My way of learning and working is to put those commands in little scriptlets, one more usefull then the other. But all with the goal to keep those together.

It its time to write part 3, in which I will present some maintenance (more...)

Virtualbox 6.1.2 and Vagrant 2.2.7 – the working combination

| Feb 2, 2020

Today I found out that Vagrant 2.2.7 has been released. A few weeks ago, the Oracle VirtualBox celebrated the release of 6.1.2. The thing with VirtualBox 6.1.2 was that it wasn't compatile with Vagrant 2.2.6, since that version of Vagrant lacked the support of the Virtualbox 6.1 base-release. It was solvable, as described by Tim Hall, with a solution of Simon Coter. Happily, as expected, (more...)

Configure Weblogic Policies and Actions using WLST

| Jan 24, 2020
Fairly regularly I give a training on Weblogic Tuning and Troubleshooting, where I talk about JVMs, Garbage Collections, and some subsystems of Weblogic, JMS and JDBC for instance, and how to tune and troubleshoot them.

One of the larger parts of the training is the Weblogic Diagnostic Framework. I find it quite interesting, but also pretty complex. And maybe therefor hardly used in the every day Weblogic administration. And that might be a pity, because it (more...)

My Weblogic on Kubernetes Cheatsheet, part 2.

| Jan 24, 2020
In my previous blog-post I published the first part of my Kubernetes cheatsheet, following the Weblogic Operator tutorial. In this part 2, I'll publish the scripts I created for the next few chapters in the tutorial.

Install Traefik Software Loadbalancer

The fourth part of the tutorial is about installing the Treafic Software Loadbalancer service. It is described in this part: 3. Install Traefik Software Loadbalancer. And also uses Helm to install the service.



Javascript in ANT

| Jan 15, 2020
Earlier I wrote about an ANT script to scan JCA adapters files in your projects home, subversion working copy or github local repo.

In my current project we use sensors to kick-of message-archiving processes, without cluttering the BPEL process. I'm not sure if I would do that like that if I would do on a new project, but technically the idea is interesting. Unfortunately, we did not build a registry what BPEL processes make use of (more...)

My Weblogic on Kubernetes Cheatsheet, part 1.

| Jan 10, 2020
Last week I had the honour to present at the UKOUG TechFest 19, together with my 'partner in crime', I think I can say now: Simon Haslam. We combined our sessions into a part 1 and a part 2.

For me this presentation is the result of having done a workshop at the PaaSForum in Mallorca, and then to work that around into a setup where I was able to run the MedRec (more...)

Create a Vagrant box with Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 Server with GUI

| Dec 2, 2019
Yesterday and today I have been attending the UKOUG TechFest '19 in Brighton. And it got me eager to try things out. For instance with new Oracle DB 19c features. And therefor I should update my vagrant boxes to be able to install one. But I realized my basebox is still on Oracle Linux 7U5, and so I wanted to have a neatly fresh, latest OL 7U7 box.

Use Oracle's base box

Now, last year (more...)

SOA Suite 12c Stumbling on parsing Ampersands

| Nov 28, 2019

Yesterday I ran into a problem parsing xml in BPEL. A bit of context: I get messages from a JMS queue, that I read 'Opaque'. Because I want to be able to dispatch the messages to different processes based on a generic WSDL, but with a different payload.

So after the Base64 Decode, for which I have a service, I need to parse the content to XML. Now, I used to use the oraext:parseEscapedXML() function (more...)

Oracle Ground Breakers Appreciation Day – Something about Weblogic….

| Oct 10, 2019
Our most appreciated Oracle ACE Director Tim Hall organizes this yearly initiative, with this years name Oracle Ground Breakers Appreciation Day, and appointed this day to blog about our favorite Oracle Technology, Service or sub-community.

Last week I presented the 'Oracle Kubernetes Managed Weblogic Revival', the introduction of the Weblogic Kubernetes Operator opens the future for Weblogic.

This week I deliver our Weblogic 12c Tuning and Troubleshooting training for ATOS The Netherlands in Groningen. So, (more...)

SOASuite Composite Sensors: the why and how…

| Aug 27, 2019


Long time ago BPEL PM was acquired by Oracle, and as part of the first release of SOA Suite (10g), it was a more or less standalone component. For initiated BPEL flow instances in the soa infrastructure database there were 2 tables:
  1. cube_instance: bpel flow instances
  2. ci_indexes: 6 indexes related to the bpel flow that can be set with an embedded java call

These 2 tables store the BPEL instances, along with a set (more...)

Weblogic under Kubernetes: the weblogic topology of the future

| Jul 16, 2019
Already 4 months ago I attended the PaaSForum 2019 in Mallorca. As every year it was great to meet members of the big EMEA Oracle Partner family.

And of course a lot of interesting talks and workshops. This year I was especially interested in announcements around SOA Suite and Project Helidon as a Microservice framework. But certainly also Weblogic under Kubernetes.
And actually, to me, the Kubernetes Weblogic Operator that was this years most enthusing (more...)