BPM12c Quickstart "invalid oramds url" solved; recommended patches

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I ran into a bug relating an invalid MDS url while trying to create an XSL based on the Case.xsd.

Just this morning got a notification on my Service Request that there is a patch for an invalid MDS url while creating an XSLT based on the Case management XSD: 19775314. There are two versions of the patch: one for the and (more...)

BPM 12c BundelPatch1: InitiatorTask problem: Solved!

Lately I wrote about the release of the BPM12c Bundelpatch 1 and the problems regarding Initiator tasks we were having: BPM 12c BundelPatch1: InitiatorTask problem.

I created a service request for it and now there is a patch for it: BPM 12c BP interim patch #20440332
This patch must be applied after applying the BundelPatch and it's recommended prereq-patch (p20163149).

The patch 20440332 is official hence for public download. With this patch it works (more...)

Oracle SOASuite UMS: Deregister obsolete Messaging Client applications

There are already several blogs on how to receive and send email using the UMS email adapter. A few good starting points that use GMail as a provider are the ones written by our respected con-colleagues of Amis:
So I won't bother to do a how-to on that on my account. Although I manged to get that working with a local Exchange setup.

What I managed to do is to read (more...)

BPM 12c BundelPatch1: InitiatorTask problem

 Last week we installed the new "SOA Bundle Patch (Patch)" (19707784).
 Applying the patch went fine, no problem at all.

We have a process that is initiated by an Initiator Task, that can be started, I'm sure you're familiar with, using the link under 'Applications'. In our case, however, clicking it gives an exception in stead of opening the Task Form:

Unfortunately I have a Dutch version of (more...)

BPM12c Quickstart invalid oramds url

In a BPM process that starts an Adaptive Case Management Case, I tried to create an XSL based on the Case.xsd that is found in the oramds. I choose the input of the startCase message of the wsdl of the ACM Case.

But I kept running into the following message:
Invalid url: oramds:/soa/shared/casemgmt/Case.xsd
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid url: oramds:/soa/shared/casemgmt/Case.xsd

I tested this in both a WIndows and a Linux (under VirtualBox) installation. (more...)

BPM12c: Patch for ‘ora:getAttachmentProperty: Failed to decode properties string ‘

Last december I reported running into a problem getting attachments and attachments properties in this blog-post. I created a Service Request for it and last week it resulted in a one-off patch:

Because there are multiple versions available for download, you should make sure to download the appropriate version; in my case it was 12.1.3.

Adaptive Case Mgt: Cleanup cases without Flow-Instances

Recently we encountered problems with cases that are related to a composite that somehow got corrupted in the MDS. This was possibly due to a failing deployment, which suggests a bug, since you don't want to have composite artifacts of an earlier version removed only after a succesful deployment of the new version.

The particular composite was listed in the deployed composites list, but it lacked the artifacts and therefor marked as invalid. Using the (more...)

JDeveloper 12c: Resolving ‘MDS-01368: Variable "oracle.home" used in configuration document is not defined’ error

 When I started up my Integrated Domain I encountered loads of errors in the log regarding the starting of my ADF application:

Caused By: oracle.mds.config.MDSConfigurationException: MDS-01330: Kan MDS-configuratiedocument niet laden.    
MDS-01329: Kan element "persistence-config" niet laden.
MDS-01370: Configuratie van MetadataStore voor metadata-store-usage "mstore-usage_1" is ongeldig.   
MDS-01368: Variabele "oracle.home" in het configuratiedocument is niet gedefinieerd als systeemeigenschap of omgevingsvariabele.


I found several questions on the oracle community about this, but (more...)

Build failed: where’s my bc4j.xcfg?

Yesterday and this morning I lost a lot of time with building failures, trying to build our ADF HumanTask forms. We used a adf-lib for amongst others XML DataControls, and reusable page-comoponents.

Trying to build the ear file, and actually that adf-lib, I got an error stating 'Unable to copy to output directory ... <default-package>/common/bc4j.xcfg not found'. Indeed in that default ADFBc folder the bc4j.xcfg is not available, nor anywhere in our whole project (more...)

Change Subversion password in Jdeveloper

On most projects I used TortoiseSVN voor versioning with Subversion. It gives me a feeling of being more in control of my working copy. In the past I used JDevelopers built in versioning tool on a project, due to lack of administrator rights for installing Tortoise. And although you need to give it some time to get used to it, the versioning is pretty good actually.

On my current project I gave it a go (more...)

It’s Spring for Oracle ACM API’s

Before the holiday season I was working on a service to receive e-mails in BPM using the UMS-email-adapter. Then process the attachments and the body and upload them to the Oracle ACM-case the email was meant for.

I won't get in too much detail here, since there are some articles on the use of ACM-API's like the ones of Niall Comminsky.

Unfortunately, until now, there are no WSDL/SOAP or REST services available on the ACM-API's, (more...)

Send HTML Formatted email using SoaSuite 11g/12c

This week I stumbled upon a question on the SOASuite forum, on the Oracle communities, that where the questioner wanted to send HTML-formatted emails.

It happens that I was busy with the email-adapter myself, and it would be nice to have neatly formatted email. It took me some time, but I managed to do it.
It basically consist of:
  1. Define an outbound email adapter config, with Opaque element. This expects an Base64 encoded payload, which (more...)

ora:getAttachmentProperty: Failed to decode properties string

Last week I created a process that polls the usermessagingservice-email adapter to read emails and store the email with attachments as Oracle ACM case documents.

For simple e-mails this works fine, but with some emails I get the error:
0An error occurs while processing the XPath expression; the expression is ora:getAttachmentProperty('Content-Type', 'ReceiveMessage_ReceiveNotification_InputVariable','body', '/ns2:message/ns2:attachment[$AttachmentId]').XPath expression failed to execute.

An error occurs while processing the XPath expression; the expression is ora:getAttachmentProperty('Content-Type', 'ReceiveMessage_ReceiveNotification_InputVariable','body', '/ns2:message/ns2:attachment[$AttachmentId]').

The XPath (more...)

Integrating BPM12c with BAM

In BPM12c there is a tight integration with BAM, like it was with 11g. However, BAM is not automatically installed in BPM. You need to do that seperately. But having done that, you need to get BPM acquainted with BAM and instruct it to enable process analytics.

For a greater part the configuration is similar to the 11g story. My former oracle colleague wrote a blog about it: 'Configuration of BAM and BPM for (more...)

Using DB Adapter to connect to DB2 on AS400

In my current project I need to connect to a DB2 database on an AS400. To do so is no rocket science, but not exactly a NNF (Next-Next-Finish) config.

First you need to download the IBM JDBC adapter for DB2, which is open souce. Download the JT400.jar  from http://jt400.sourceforge.net/. Place it in a folder on your server. Since it's not an Oracle driver, I don't like to have it placed in the (more...)

Reminder to myself: turn off felix service urlhandlers in combined BPM & OSB12c installation

Last week I started with creating a few OSB services for my current project, which is in fact a BPM12c project that needs to be interated with database services on an AS400, thus DB2. Firstly I found that when I tried to deploy on a standalone wls domain (created with the qs_config script), it lacks an OSB installation. Whereas the integrated weblogic default domain has one.

But when I try to deploy to a pretty (more...)

OSB12c: Errorhandling in REST

Yesterday, I had an OSB consulting day at a customer. We looked into a REST service that was to be extended with update functionality. Since calling an update service of an EIS (Enterprise Information System) can go wrong with all sorts of errors, it is important to be able to return a fault-message with the errors, jason format.

Now in OSB12c it's very apparent how you define possible fault-messages and even how the should be (more...)

JMS Properties in BPM Suite

Lately I needed to transfer messages from OSB to BPM Suite. The setup was that OSB calls a Webservice implemented by a Mediator component that publishes the message on a JMS queue. The webservice request contains a mesage header and a message payload. The payload published as the JMS message-content, but the message header elements were added as custom JMS-properties to the message. How to do that is quite easy and described for instance in (more...)

Service VersionInfo in OSB

When deploying a SCA project (SOASuite or BPMSuite) from JDeveloper you'll be asked to provide a version number. Often when deploying using a script (ANT or Maven) based deployment to a test, acceptance or production environment, the used deployment-framework may use a release number for the versions of the different composites. Besides the support of different versions of composites to reside side-by-side in SOASuite, this is convenient, because this way you know what version of (more...)

Service Provider initiated SSO on WLS11g using SAML2.0


At a recent customer I got the assignment to implement a SAML 2.0 configuration.

The customer is in this setup a Service Provider. They provide a student-administration application for the Dutch Higher Education Sector, like Colleges and Universities. The application conventionally is implemented on premise. But they like to move to a SaaS model. One institute is going to use the application from 'the cloud'. In the Dutch education sector, an organization called (more...)