Google Docs: the clipboard-sharing tool in the cloud

Today I was asked to support a customer with some urgent issues. To be able to help them quickly I was given access via a VMware View Client (a Citrix alike online desktopsharing solution from VMware).
From that desktop I connected to an internal desktop with a Remote Desktop session, (more...)

Generate Tradingpartners for Oracle B2B 11g with Ant


At my previous customer, a Dutch energy infrastructure managing company, I worked on an implementation of AS2 ( message exchanging with Oracle B2B (part of SOASuite 11g) The company needed to exchange information about energy delivery with other companies that supply and transport energy.



Target B2BUI

When you already did something with B2B11g, then you probably already know how to connect to the B2B UI, and have found out that it's not available by default.

By default the B2B UI is not targetted to a managed server. It can be done very easy in the weblogic (more...)

Export Exception in B2B11g

Recently I renamed some docTypes in B2B11g because of a typo. Last week I wanted to export the repository to put it into subversion and to be able to propagate the implementation to the test environment.

But when exporting I ran into the following exception:
MDS-00001: exception in Metadata Services  (more...)