OSB 11g For-each: is index variable an integer?

In OSB you can add a for-each construct to loop over a set of elements:
OSB For-each
Today I encountered something strange with the index variable of the for-each. At one stage I wanted to select an element based on the index-variable, in the screendump above it is 'functieIndex'.
The xpath expression I created was something like:
But although I checked the value of the variable functieIndex using alerts, I always got the complete set (more...)

Run XQuery with XqlPlus

I started today with setting up an OSB training and figuring out how to run XQuery scripts outside of OSB. I looked into the (ok a little dated) book: Oracle Database 10g XML&SQL, that I have in my library. In that book there's also a chapter about XQuery. And it shows that the Oracle XDK has a XQuery processer, but also a commandline tool like SQLPLus: XQLPlus. It is in the xquery jar, but (more...)

JDeveloper BPMN Bug: Activity Name conflict

This week in the BPM Adaptive Case Management workshop at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Community Forum I ran into a strange bug.

The background: earlier this week my own laptop broke down. So I had to borrow a laptop, what fortunately I could borrow from one of the presenters (thanks Guido). The thing is, though, that it runs on Ubuntu 12, so I ran my VM in VirtualBox 4.3 on Ubunty. Now actually that (more...)

OSB scripted export: Branch target offset too large for short

The weirdest thing occurred to me yesterday. I have this OSB-project in Eclipse that is working fine and can be published to the dev-server perfectly.

However, I use a release/deployment framework that does a scripted export of the OSB-configuration-jar. It copies the osb-projects to a temp-folder and creates an configuration-jar out of it. It is based on the scripts of Edwin Biemond, that I adapted in way that it can be included in my (more...)

Yet another one on ‘Oracle Type inheritance and advanced type casting’

Triggered by a comment on an older article I wrote a little article yesterday on determining the instance of an object. As far as known by me at least and seemingly by Google there is no java instanceOf counterpart in Oracle Pl/Sql. In SQL Where clauses you can use the (more...)