Who created that process?

Figure 2-7
Connection to
a Dedicated
Server Process
For some reason I was really curios who created that process. It's not about a particular process in detail, mir a well known kind of processes. At least well known for DBAs.
Which process? 
It's one of these:

oracle   13096     1  0 20:05 ?        00:00:00 oracleTTT071 (LOCAL=NO)

Yes, it's a simple server process, nothing spectacular. Nevertheless, the Concepts guide is not very specific, who created that process. So I tried to find out in more detail.
On my linux sandbox the first column of ps -ef shows the UID, the second is the PID, the third (more...)

bzip2 twice?

To check the performance of RMAN backup I recently started to trace it a little bit. As most of the time was not spent in any reading from disk or writing to media manager library event, it was on CPU. It's good to know the CPUs are of any good, but as I still want to know what's going on I tried to dig any deeper. CPU cycles are not just a magic black box where we put in a problem and the answer comes out after some times. At an abstraction layer it's a chain of functions where one (more...)

non-Exadata HCC

Oracles Hybrid Columnar Compression was one of the big new features of Oracle 11.2. Unfortunately someone decided this feature should only be available in Exadata. Even Oracle tried to explain it with technical limitations, it was more or less obvious that's just wrong. There are some reasons for this:

  • The Database is doing the HCC compression all the time
  • The Database must be able doing the HCC decompression in case the storage cell can not or want not.
  • Beta-testers where very sure, HCC worked there without any special hardware.
  • Jonathan Lewis shows there are situations, where also an ordinary database (more...)

when does PMON register to remote listeners

I had a complex problem today: I tried to setup a connection manager, but unlike Arup, I did not like to to use SOURCE_ROUTE. So I had to make the pmon register itself to the cman. As we have already an entry in spfile for remote_listener=REMOTE, I just enhanced this alias in tnsnames.ora by the additional line for the cmans HOST and PORT.
Unfortunately the services did not show up in the cmans show services. Not even an alter system register; did any good, still no service.
After checking with tcpdump (there where really no communication to the cman) and  (more...)

incomplete list of SRVCTL commands

As I have to dig into srvctl more than I liked to do, I figured the documentation is not complete (at least for my installation of
the Documentation for srvctl upgrade claims
The srvctl upgrade database command upgrades the configuration of a database and all of its services to the version of the database home from where this command is run.

But there is a 2nd option missing totally:
Usage: srvctl upgrade model -s <source-version> -d <destination-version> -p {first|last} [-e <name>=<value>[,<name>=<value>, ...]

in more detail:
srvctl upgrade model -h

Upgrade the Oracle Clusterware resource types and (more...)