APEX SQL Workshop Insufficient Privileges Error

An APEX user was attempting to create a table in the SQL Workshop and received the "ORA-01031 insufficient privileges" error message. I went into SQL Developer and was able to create the table. So why did it not work in APEX SQL Workshop?

After some "data dictionary" digging comparing this schema to one that works, I realized that the CREATE TABLE privilege was granted to the schema via a role and not a direct grant. Since APEX runs within PL/SQL you have to have the CREATE TABLE grant issued directly to the schema to be able to create a table (more...)

Oracle Reserved word as a Table name

I ran into a table today that was named GROUP, so I attempted to do a
Since GROUP is a reserved word in Oracle, I got an "ORA-00903: invalid table name" error. So how do I query the table? I went into SQL Developer and was able to view the data in the table via the "Data" tab. So how was that possible? It ended up SQL Developer was doing a


I knew that SQL Developer placed double quotes around the schema, table, and column names in the CREATE TABLE statements in (more...)

ORDER BY Clause in "Filter" field In SQL Developer

I was in SQL Developer today and discovered something by accident. I double clicked on a table name in the "Connections" tab and went to the "Data" tab to view rows of data. In the "Filter:" field I entered a WHERE clause but accidentally also included an ORDER BY clause, too. The rows of data displayed in the order I requested. This got me to thinking. The "Sort" button provides a basic column by column sorting order, but if you need more complicated sorting logic you could just type it into the "Filter:" field.

This is useful if you want (more...)

"When All Else Fails…"

This is on a shirt that I received as a present at work today.

Our "Friend" ORA-01555

Have you ever had your Oracle program ever get the dreaded ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number 10 with name "_SYSSMU10$" too small error, you rerun the program, and it runs to completion with no errors? No changes to the code. No changes to the program parameters. No changes to the database. You just rerun the program and it works. As an application developer I would just say that the DBA needs to increase the amount of snapshot space and leave it up to the DBA to handle it. But since it is not a re-creatable event, the DBA (more...)