Explaining the miracle

Last week I've got a pretty interesting case of why I so much love doing performance tuning: you take the task, spend 15-20 minutes, "do something"(c), present results to the waiting audience - and proudly walk back to your desk while the whole room is staring at your back in (more...)

I like to move it! Move it! Part 1.

Talking this Friday with my co-workers I've got an impression that even the best developers may not have a clear idea what does it mean to run a major migration project to or from their systems. To be fair, before I had a very serious involvement in a couple of (more...)

Waiting for Collaborate’13

Last two years in Collab'11 and Collab'12 I was coordinating Database Development Boot-camp. That was a lot of fun, especially "mining" though abstracts for best speakers and bargaining with other coordinators about border-line topics. Also I had to learn some baby-sitting tricks, trying to get all of my selected presenters (more...)

NYOUG Spring 2013

I hate rain. I hate rain with winds blowing in all directions... But that's the cost to pay for going to NYOUG Spring Meeting! And to be fair I was glad to pay - too many good people were expected to be there... I've been presenting at NYOUG since 2002 (more...)

Blogging. Resurrection

It was pretty long time since I've posted anything in this blog (for various reasons) - too bad, especially since there was a lot of interesting things in the IT around me worth sharing. Today I officially resurrect this blog - just can't keep myself quiet for so long :-)!