Books are forever!

One of my friends just sent me a link to Amazon's chart of Best Sellers (category: "Oracle Databases")...

7-year-old  "PL/SQL for Dummies" is #2!  Here is a proof:

The most interesting question - does it mean that IT specialists finally started to learn PL/SQL? :-)

Being a bit more serious, I (more...)

I like to move it! Move it! Part 2.

Originally I was planning to do more or less a set of "Migration 101"-style posts. But for the last couple of weeks I've been working on the real migration project. And as a result there are some "war-stories" to be shared here and now.

Part 2. Translator's role

Yesterday I (more...)

DUMMY issues

I've just noticed in one of LinkedIn PL/SQL forums the following question:
- Which one is faster and why SELECT 1 FROM DUAL or SELECT ROWID FROM DUAL?

Yes, it's pretty basic question, but it's interesting enough to be covered. The answer is pretty simple - do not use ROWID (more...)

Explaining the miracle

Last week I've got a pretty interesting case of why I so much love doing performance tuning: you take the task, spend 15-20 minutes, "do something"(c), present results to the waiting audience - and proudly walk back to your desk while the whole room is staring at your back in (more...)

I like to move it! Move it! Part 1.

Talking this Friday with my co-workers I've got an impression that even the best developers may not have a clear idea what does it mean to run a major migration project to or from their systems. To be fair, before I had a very serious involvement in a couple of (more...)