Oracle Dynamic SQL: generic search – simple case

It is a very common problem - how do you implement generic search over the table? By generic search I mean that users are provided with tons of different options that could be used in all possible permutations.

It leads to a standard problem - how do you make sure (more...)

Collaborate’13 Summary. Part 1. IOUG Strategic Leadership Program

I really hope that it was the last time I've seen SNOW this spring :-) But other than that - it was a great conference! A lot of interesting conversations, a lot of interesting events - and a lot of thoughts afterwards (part two, part three, part (more...)

Off to Denver. Collaborate’13 Preview

Final preparations before heading off to Denver: Collaborate'13 is awaiting! Presentations - checked, tickets/hotel reservations - checked, session schedule - che-e-e-e-e-e-e....

If you go to a good conference, some schedule conflicts are normal - there are too many good speakers and there is always not enough time slots to go (more...)

Books are forever!

One of my friends just sent me a link to Amazon's chart of Best Sellers (category: "Oracle Databases")...

7-year-old  "PL/SQL for Dummies" is #2!  Here is a proof:

The most interesting question - does it mean that IT specialists finally started to learn PL/SQL? :-)

Being a bit more serious, I (more...)

I like to move it! Move it! Part 2.

Originally I was planning to do more or less a set of "Migration 101"-style posts. But for the last couple of weeks I've been working on the real migration project. And as a result there are some "war-stories" to be shared here and now.

Part 2. Translator's role

Yesterday I (more...)