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Delivering Moments of Engagement
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Five Steps for Mobilizing Digital Experiences


How Do You Deliver High-Value Moments of Engagement?

The web and mobile have become primary channels for engaging with customers today. To compete effectively, companies need to deliver multiple digital experiences that are contextually relevant to customers and valuable for the business—across various channels and on a global scale. But doing so is a great (more...)

TEAM Informatics: Successful WebCenter Solutions from Minnesota to the World

Hello again everyone.

Well it's Friday and we would like to wrap up this week by showcasing another one of our great partners, Team Informatics.  For those of you that caught the webcast yesterday featuring Mortenson Construction, you might remember that (more...)

WebCenter Partners Week: Element Solutions

Today as the last entry for this week of our WebCenter Partners Week, we'll be hearing from a partner that has recently rebranded themselves. Element Solutions, formerly known as Element115 creates WebCenter Sites Solutions to enhance the Web Experience across multiple industries.


WebCenter Partners Week: Extended Content Solutions

Today as part of our WebCenter Partners Week, we'll be hearing from across the pond in the UK, where our partner, Extended Content Solutions creates WebCenter Solutions to enhance our customer's experiences.

If you are just joining us today for the first (more...)

WebCenter Partners Week: Lingotek

We're hitting our midweek stride with our week of Oracle WebCenter Partners. Don't forget to check out TekStream Solutions and FishBowl Solutions from earlier this week. Today, we'll feature one of our global Oracle WebCenter Partners, Lingotek with some great information in their guest post today as well as an (more...)

WebCenter Partners Week: FishBowl Solutions

As we continue our exploration of WebCenter Partners this week, today we will feature FishBowl Solutions, another fine example of a partner that is adding great value for WebCenter customers.

A disclaimer by necessity: a five day period is relatively short - so it is really impossible to (more...)

WebCenter Partners Week: TekStream Solutions

WebCenter Partners Near and Far:

The Oracle ecosystem of partners and alliances is vast and wide on a global scale. Within our WebCenter family, we have a rich diversity of partners offering additional value to help our customers get the most from their technology investments. As we all know - (more...)

Visions of Innovation – Oracle’s Winners

As one of our 2012 Oracle Excellence Award Winners in the Fusion Middleware Innovation category for Oracle WebCenter, News Limited Dominates Online News Publishing with Oracle. The spread of brands across the news landscape could not be managed effectively without the innovative use of Oracle WebCenter Sites.

Jason (more...)

Innovation Takes Courage

I've just returned from a roadtrip with my daughter to look at one of the colleges she's been accepted to attend next fall. Yes - with limited time to make a decision, we're attempting to hit as many of the admitted student open houses that we can to (more...)

Innovate & Collaborate

This week on your favorite WebCenter Blog, our theme will be “Innovate and Collaborate”. It’s a very timely topic since we have just kicked off the Oracle Excellence Awards for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation and our ace reporter and WebCenter team member, Lance Shaw will be reporting LIVE from the (more...)

Annual Planning Checklist: 10 Actions of Beloved and Financially Prosperous Companies

Note: In case you missed yesterday's Webcast featuring Jeanne Bliss in our Oracle WebCenter Social Business Thought Leaders Series, Jeanne has provided us a wonderful summary to use for your Annual Planning process. You can also watch the full webcast On-Demand.

Annual Planning Checklist: 10 Actions of Beloved (more...)

Today’s WebCast – Oracle Social Business Thought Leaders

Join us today (03/21/2013 10am PST / 1pm EST) for an interesting presentation by Jeanne Bliss on

"The Five Critical Decisions Made by Beloved and Prosperous Companies"

Oracle Social Business Thought Leaders Webcast Series

Meet Jeanne Bliss – This Week’s Oracle Social Business Thought Leader

So - people often ask us about our Social Business Thought Leaders Series and why we do it.

Want to make sure your Customer Experience Work Stays on Track? Manage these Seven Inhibitors of Customer Experience Work Success

Guest Post: Jeanne Bliss, President, CustomerBliss

1. Starting with a mantra, not an action plan.

a. Often companies decide that they want to get some early traction by telling everyone to “focus on customer experience” What happens next is that people realize this is a big corporate priority and begin (more...)

Customer Loyalty: The Hidden Humanity

How many of us have had the experience with an organization either in person, on the phone or online that just leaves us seething with feelings that we’ll never do business with that company again? I’d bet that most of us have (more...)