Oracle Database Upgrade Blog is moving

Dear Readers,

the "Upgrade Your Database - NOW!" blog exists now for almost 8 years and has become one of the most read blogs on Oracle's own blogging platform. The platform will be migrated from Apache Roller to Oracle Compendium within the upcoming weeks.

As part of this migration we decided that we'll move our Database Upgrade blog to another site offering more possibilities to present our mostly technical content in a convenient way (more...)

Non-CDB still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.

I received a question from 3 different colleagues in the past week: "Does Oracle Database 12.2 still allow us to create non-CDB databases?" And as I get this question at every customer-facing workshop these days as well before being able to talk about Single/Multitenant - I think it is important to... [Read More]

In case you miss the downloads of Oracle Database on OTN

Somebody asked me the other day why the download options for Oracle Database for Linux and Solaris  disappeared from OTN? The same will happen with the other platforms as soon as Oracle Database is available on-premises for them as well. You can always download Oracle Database [Read More]

Converting an 12.1 non-CDB and plug it into an 12.2 CDB

2 customers requested a bit more explanation on how to:Convert and Plugin an Oracle 12.1 non-CDB database into an Oracle 12.2 container database Cool, I like that I will do this right away and use the approach to Upgrade first, then Plugin afterwards.. Upgrading an Oracle database to Oracle ... [Read More]

Install components in Multitenant ALWAYS with

I did blog several times about how to remove an unwanted component from a database. But yesterday I came across this interesting scenario worth a blog post.. How to install a component afterwards in Single-/Multitenant? I haven't checked all the MOS Notes but I recognized that some MOS Notes explaining how to... [Read More]