Oracle Database Development Tools (ODDT) 2015-03-23 19:41:00

If you haven't done so checkout the Oracle APEX universal theme packaged application on  Here it is from inside a Tesla on a crisp 17" touchscreen.  Yes it does work while driving. has been upgraded to a pre-production version of Oracle APEX 5.0

If your an Oracle APEX developer you will want to try  We have just upgraded this free service to a close (but not yet) production version of Oracle APEX 5.0.  If you already use login and validate your applications work as before.  If you don't have an account create one; it should take less then a minute.

Oracle APEX 5 has a new feature called "Universal Theme".  A (more...)

APEX EA3 released

The third and final early access release of Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.0 is now released on  Our packaged applications now install much faster; I was able to install p-track (all 166 pages) in 22 seconds.  Our packaged apps now all use our new "universal theme", which is also available when creating custom apps.  The developer interface has been modernized and streamlined.  APEX 5.0 supports model dialogs, theme-rollable theme styles, (more...)

APEX 4.2.3 enhances sample and packaged apps

The Oracle Application Express (APEX) builder includes packaged and sample apps.  In each dot release of Oracle APEX we improve these apps.  The vision is two fold, provide best practice and clear examples of how to implement common application components like reports and charts (via sample apps) and provide out (more...)

APEX 4.2.3 Released, new packaged app "Data Reporter"

As someone who develops a large number of Oracle APEX apps I frequently have the dilemma of guessing what type of reporting the end users will want. Basically its hard to know what reports people want in the future. To ease this burden the APEX development team and the special (more...)

APEX 4.2.2 released

Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.2.2 is now released, you can read up and download it here, or try it out on In addition to fixing some bugs Oracle APEX 4.2.2 includes a major upgrade of all 18 productivity and all 16 database (more...)

Oracle APEX 4.1.1 patch set released on OTN

Oracle Application Express (APEX) latest patch has been released on OTN and is available for download here. This release contains fixes to issues uncovered by our customers (thanks so much for reporting) and our numerous internal deployments. Specifically 221 bugs were fixed; and now this is behind us our development (more...)

SQL Developer 3.1 released

After lots of hard work we have a new SQL Developer 3.1 release is now available for download here. Even though its a dot release we have lots of new features. Here are the highlights:

DBA Utilities

Release 3.1 continues to expand on SQL Developer's DBA functionality. RMAN, (more...)

Expert Oracle Application Express

If your interested in Oracle APEX, there is a new book available. This book is special, it's 13 chapters from 13 APEX guru's on the on the topics they know best. This book can help you take your APEX development skills to the next level. If your looking for an (more...)

K-Scope Video Interview

It was great to catch up with the Oracle APEX community at K-Scope in Long beach this past June. The enthusiasm and success stories were really phenomenal. Here is a video, in which I attempt to side step questions of our Oracle APEX 4.1 release date.

Here is the (more...)

We are looking for APEX and HTML / CSS Developers

The Oracle Application Express (APEX) team is expanding and looking for additional developers. We are looking for people who can build web applications, SQL and PL/SQL skills are helpful, as are HTML, CSS, JS. We are also looking for an iPhone (Objective C) developer as well. If interested apply at (more...)

SQL Developer 3.0 Early Adopter now available

Early Adopter (EA) releases of SQL Developer and SQL Developer Data Modeler EA 2 are now available for download from OTN.

SQL Developer new features are described here. The marque SQL Developer 3.0 is improved migrations. You can see an enhanced migration wizard in our EA release, however you (more...)

APEX 4.0.2 is here, and its got two new themes!

Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.0.2 patch is now available on MySupport and a re-release is available on OTN as of last Friday November 19th, 2010. You can read all about Oracle APEX 4.0.2 here. In addition to fixing 111 bugs (thanks to all who made the (more...)

MAOP Event in Reston Friday November 5th 2010

If your in the washington DC or northern Virginia area you may want to attend the 2010 MAOP Training Conference. MOAP has a number of great speakers lined up, and it's a great opportunity to meet leading Oracle experts and even Oracle development staff. The event starts at 7:30 am (more...)

Profit Magazine Article

I recently had the opportunity to answer APEX questions for Oracle's Profit magazine. You can read the interview online here. Hopefully this exposure will introduce Oracle Application Express (APEX) to a broader community.

OTN interview of Oracle APEX PM David Peake

Oracle Application Express product manager David Peake takes questions from the Oracle Technology Network's Justin Kestelyn in archive of a live Oracle world video cast. See it here.

SQL Developer 3.0 demonstrated at OOW

The SQL Developer development team is at the demo pod in Moscone West and has been busy showing off the latest (yet to be released) version of SQL Developer. SQL Developer 3 features an all new graphical query builder, a scheduler interface, data import wizards, improved data grids, basic DBA (more...)

Oracle BI Publisher 11g

Oracle open world (OOW) is great opportunity catch up on new database and database tools technologies. Yesterday, my highlight was seeing an in-depth presentation of Oracle BI Publisher 11g. I was blown away by the clean and remarkably advanced browser based user interface. The ability to define pixel perfect reports (more...)

If your at OOW 2010 don’t miss Tom Kyte on What’s new in DB App Dev

Most know Tom Kyte from (, and from countless presentations he has delivered world wide. Many people may not know that Tom was also instrumental in both WebDB and Oracle Application Express coding parts of both products and mod_plsql. So if your in OOW in SF this week, (more...)

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is now a no cost (free) product

In an effort to bring world class database data modeling to the Oracle database developer community SQL Developer Data Modeler is now a free product. Support is provided with your database support, making SQL Developer Data Modeler just like SQL Developer; in that they are both no cost. You can (more...)