Oracle 12c Unified Auditing – Pure Mode

Continuing our blog series on Oracle 12 Unified Auditing is a discussion of Pure  Mode. Mixed mode is intended by Oracle to introduce Unified Auditing and provide a transition from the traditional Oracle database auditing.  Migrating to PURE Unified Auditing requires the database be stopped, the Oracle binary linked to uniaud_on, and then restarted.  This operation can be reversed if auditing needs to be changed back to Mixed Mode. 

When changing (more...)

What Mode of Oracle 12c Unified Auditing Are You Using and Default Auditing Policies?

Continuing our blog series on Oracle 12 Unified Auditing, how do you know what mode of Unified Auditing that you are using? Use the following SQL –


The result will be TRUE or FALSE.  If TRUE, the database is using PURE Unified Auditing.  If FALSE, the database is using Mixed Mode, which is the Oracle 12c default.  Remember that V$OPTION shows what (more...)