Optimal Oracle Configuration for Efficient Table Scanning (Part Two)

Here's part two!

Optimal Oracle Configuration for Efficient Table Scanning (Part One)

I just got permission from The UK Oracle Users Group to reproduce my article series on optimising scans in Oracle. Part One is available here, Part Two will follow shortly after, and then Part Three will be a few weeks away, following its publication in the magazine. Enjoy!

Diagnosing ASMlib

To use ASMlib or not to use ASMlib? That is the question. Or at least, that is a question that frequently crops up when I'm on consulting engagements with customers. I have personally changed my mind a couple of times on this exact question, and I'm currently sat with one leg on either side of [...]

Who Stole gettimeofday() System Calls From Oracle strace() sessions?

I've been meaning to write this blog post for a while now but never seemed to find the time. Hopefully this posting will be useful information for anyone that spends a lot of time tracing processes in Oracle from the Linux Operating System. I'm one of those people, so it was good to get to [...]

System Architecture Series: Introduction to the Series and Licensing

This blog post is an introduction to a few posts that can be grouped together under the banner of 'System Architecture'. Specifically, I'm referring here to Oracle Database System Architecture, not system architecture in general nor 'Oracle architecture' in general, which is an ever-growing beast. In this series of posts, I will take at look [...]