The Magic Shed

In keeping with my last post, this is another ‘back to basic’s kind of thing. It’s basically a small metaphor of why we should use constraints, datatypes and other normal database design fundamentals when storing data and is aimed either at the complete newbie to database design or as a (more...)


Like a middle aged man visiting the gym for the first time in 10 years, I am merely going to flex my blogging muscles here…

One of the recurring issues that annoys me on the OTN SQL & PL/SQL forum, and also the APEX forum is the misunderstanding of what (more...)

OUG Ireland 2012


Long time no speaky!

Well, on 21st March 2012, I spoke at the OUG Ireland conference. The title of the presentation was “to iterate is human, to recurse divine” – a touch pretentious, I know. The event started for me the night before, meeting Roel Hartman, Jan Navratil and Frits (more...)


Ok, here’s my first blog post in a long while.

It’s well overdue, I know. I spurred myself into doing it by proclaiming my intent over twitter, dangerous – no choice now!

So I’ll start myself off with a short and simple that I came across the other day, hopefully (more...)

APEX SIG London November 2011

Okay, nearly 1 year since my last post…

I’m presenting at the APEX SIG on 3rd November…

I would love for every attendee to bring one thing that will fit into a hat!

It could be a piece of code or comment on a piece of paper, a memory stick (more...)

UKOUG 2010 APEX meetup!

Venue: Pennyblack’s at The Mailbox –

Time: Monday 29th November arrive 8:00pm – 8:30pm

Be there!

Handling aggregated strings in SQL reports

Well, it’s been a long time without a new post from me so I thought I’d get the ball rolling again!

Having been surfing about and happened upon Adrian Billington’s site again, I spotted something pretty nifty. With a bit of rewriting, I started to see a possible benefit to (more...)

Creating ExtJS Tree JSON Objects with Custom Authorisation in SQL

Okay, the title to this post may seem a tad specific but the principles are transferable to creating pretty much any Ext Tree JSON object under any circumstances as long as you have the data in the database.

Previously I have be using Mark Lancaster’s example for creating the JSON (more...)

Oracle Application Express 3.2 – The Essentials and More is Published!

I mentioned a while ago that this book was nearing completion but I have just been advised that it has now been published.

You can get the full description and buy a copy here…

Oracle Application Express 3.2 – The Essentials and More

Well done Matthew and Arie!

Coding music!

My colleague listens to podcasts when he  codes. I listen to this (just the same song on repeat)…

I don’t even like it that much – it just allows me to switch off and get on with the job (nice chorus though!).

So… comment – (more...)