100 Partners Later

| May 28, 2013

By Kathy Miedema, Oracle Applications User Experience

The Oracle Applications User Experience team just did something new, and it was very cool.

The customer outreach arm of the Applications User Experience, or Apps UX, team held its first demo reception.

The team has done demos before. And new stuff. After (more...)

The Cloud User Experience: Changing Everything for Users

| Apr 11, 2013

By Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience

Cloud-delivered applications are one of those things you watch to see how the  phenomenon is going to fully express itself.  It’s one of those industry-wide happenings, perhaps even more compelling than tablet computers, that is making the world a better place for (more...)

Introduce Design Thinking Into Your Enterprise Implementations

| Apr 2, 2013

By Madhuri Kolhatkar, Oracle Applications User Experience

Enterprise applications are often critiqued for being too complex and difficult to use. But if one can understand the customer journey that post-sales enterprise implementations go through, such as configuration, customizations, and extensions, then it is not hard to understand how the design (more...)

Oracle Executive Spends Four Weeks with Just a Mini

| Mar 6, 2013
By Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experiences

Steven Chan
Steven Chan, Senior Director, Oracle E-business Suite Applications Technology holds his iPad mini.

As Oracle continues to develop its strategy in the mobile space it’s always interesting to hear what Oracle executives are doing and thinking around available mobile devices.  

Steven Chan, Oracle Senior Director of E-Business Suite Technology, and regular blogger, recently traveled around the world in about 30 days with only an iPad mini.  He went from the UK to Hyderabad, India, to Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China, all in about four weeks.  

y bring (more...)