Top Challenges in the Life of an IT Capacity Manager

Let me first confess. I don’t have double-digit years of experience in IT Capacity Management. But I would say, during last 9 years I have defined the process multiple times from scratch. I have seen capacity management process getting traction. Multiple times I was part of the journey where the process got matured from chaotic to efficient. I have also witnessed cases where management couldn’t justify the investment in the process and it got a (more...)

My Presentation on Oracle Solaris Zones Capacity Management

So one more successful annual conference of All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) happened on November 9th and 10th at Hyderabad, India.

Earlier I used to attend Oracle database sessions at AIOUG but this time AIOUG board had done a remarkable job by extending the coverage to Solaris topics. Obviously as (more...)

Step away from the spreadsheets

Yesterday there was a news published on WSJ titled “Four CIA Secrets That Can Boost Your Career”

Point 3 tells an interesting story about a situation where human intelligence people made a mockery of the spreadsheets and based on which america spread the propaganda for quite long time that Iraq is sitting on a stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  The truth turned out to be completely opposite.

Corporate world is full of such stories where so-called “smart people”  over-rely on numbers but actually the metrics, forecasts are far away from the ground reality. Being from a capacity management field I face (more...)

Green Capacity Planning Part-4: Power-Performance Benchmarks

Power-performance benchmarks play very important role during the design phase of a data center. At the time of new data center build or upgrade, data center designers analyze the peak capacity of IT equipments to be installed based on the SLA requirements and anticipated future business demands. Peak power usage is also determined and based on that infrastructure equipments (cooling, power delivery etc) sizing is designed. In order to gain power efficiency across the data center energy consumption of both infrastructure and IT equipments should be accessed.

While assessing the power efficiency of Infrastructure equipments is easy, it was not (more...)

Poll Results and upcoming Oracle Event in Pune

Last month I have posted a poll on my blog and LinkedIn group Oracle Database Performance Tuning about suggestions for a topic for webcast. I am enraptured by the response I got and as you can see below majority of the people have voted in favor of presentation title “Database Capacity Planning how to start?”.

This is inline to my expectations. Last year I have delivered a presentation at AIOUG’s annual meet Sangam11 on the topic “Day Someone Say the word Capacity?”. It was about the basics and concepts related to Capacity planning in general with some specific (more...)

Poll: Topic for upcoming Oracle webcast

I am collecting feedback about which topic you like to see for upcoming webcast. I am planning to conduct this sometime next month (June).

Any other feedback you like to share – please feel free to do that in the comments section …



Green Capacity Planning Part-3: Monitoring & Measurement

In last posts (part-1 and part-2) we have discussed background and driving forces for Green Capacity Planning. Today we will discuss the monitoring aspects of it. Monitoring is very important for any capacity planning process and Green capacity planning is not an exception. For the sake of management and easiness the post is further divided into two parts: monitoring basics and major monitoring tools available in the market.

Monitoring Basics

IT equipments were rarely monitored for their energy consumption. The efficiency of system administrators and other IT people is decided by the availability and performance of IT Infrastructure. (more...)

Green Capacity Planning Part-2: Driving forces

In my last blog post we have discussed about the background of Green Capacity Planning and what it is about. We have briefly touched various regulatory authorities which are actively working to promote Green IT practices and to lay down guidelines to measure, report and improve the energy efficiency of a data center. We call them driving forces and today we will discuss about these forces and their work.


Let’s start with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which was established in 1970 to consolidate in one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental (more...)

Green Capacity Planning Part-1: Background & Concepts

Last June I started writing a technical paper on Green Capacity Planning. I felt satisfied with my work and was able to cover the topic in a 30-pages document. Then unfortunately the hard disk of my laptop met the failure and I lost all the work. This costs me more than that. Situation was like attending the same course twice and I couldn’t start it until recently.

In these 6-8 months the awareness about Green Capacity Planning has improved a lot and everyone is talking about it. Some questions from my professional network triggered me to once again start writing (more...)

Do we need Smarter Developers or Smarter DBAs?

There is an ongoing discussion about who is responsible for application performance tuning: Oracle developers or DBAs. While all Oracle database users and developers argue that it’s a DBA who is responsible for application performance tuning, DBA cries it’s a developer who write the code and so he should write it in an efficient way and later optimize it.

When it comes to application performance tuning most of the times DBA remains in a tight corner, new functionalities being added to the database are just like giving more weapons to performance firefighters when it should also empower the developers community (more...)