Enterprise Manager 13c Upgrade

My goodness me it’s been a long time since I updated here. As it’s nearly the season for New Years resolutions I thought I’d make one early and start updating again. This post is inspired by the release on Friday of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. Already there’s a nicely screenshotted How to Upgrade article by @gokhanatil . Step […]

Installing SQL*Developer on Debian Based Distributions

Oracle provide a free tool SQL*Developer that I rather like. Recently it has had a significant update to version 4 which is available as a beta/early adopter release at this link. The only slight difficulty is that unlike previous releases there is no zip or tarball of the installation. In (more...)

Job Posting

A job vacancy for an experienced Oracle Database administrator has opened up at our offices in NYC.  The full job ad with details on how to apply is at http://www.dice.com/job/result/wallsond/201309?src=19 . We’re looking for an experienced DBA to work in a small global team providing 24/7 operational support for (more...)

When unused – isn’t.

So we recently reviewed a table with no fewer than 23 indexes on it. A combination of alter index… monitoring usage and reviewing DBMS_HIST_SQL_PLAN for plans that referenced the indexes found 8 indexes that were never used. As this table is also heavily updated we removed the indexes identified as unused. This was, fortunately, a [...]

Friday Afternoon

This is known in the DBA trade as being “in the brown stuff”

Hello Niall…

… Read an email I received today from Oracle Corporation Hello Niall, I hope you are well. I would like to introduce myself as your Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtual Machine Account representative for <name of employer I left in 2008> I would like to set up a 5 minutes introduction call with you to [...]

Quick Check for vulnerable accounts

New to me in 11g is the view DBA_USERS_WITH_DEFPWD which checks both for users with default passwords and those whose password is equal to their username. The query below might be a useful  addition to your support toolbox.

Product Review

A while ago I said that I’d be posting a product review here. Unfortunately work got in the way of me posting the review as quickly as I would have liked. The nice people at Ucertify sent me a review kit for the OCA Oracle Database 11g: Administration 1 exam. I very much like the [...]

Fast Recovery Area

I’d be grateful if anyone who is responsible for Oracle database backups could take a quick (3 question) survey on their use or otherwise of the Fast (Flash) Recovery Area feature. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J93L7WT All responses are anonymous.

Adding Datafiles

Yesterday I talked about some of the things to consider when adding space to a tablespace using auto-extend for datafiles. This of course isn’t the only way to add space to a tablespace. You could simply add more datafiles. Indeed nearly a decade ago (scary!) I wrote The final reason for multiple datafiles (to spread [...]