VMWare ESXi vSphere 5.5 update 2 and guest OS

As of the 1st of August 2014, VMWare ESXi 5.5 supports Oracle Linux 7. 1.5 months after RHEL 7 and 2-3 weeks after CentOS 7.
And good news, from the 5.5 update 2 released last week, we can set it for new guests from the Client:
Note that’s only for the 64-bit version of OS. Surprisingly, whether RHEL 7 64-bit is officially also supported, it’s not listed here…
Or, from within (more...)

VirtualBox Appliances for PeopleSoft on VMWare ESXi (bis)

Written in April last year, my procedure to move the Peoplesoft appliance to VMWare ESXi – see here – seems to be broken since image #6… My test was on image #3…
One of the reader found its own way and kindly shared experience, you can find here how to work around.

Right now we are on image #8, the first one ever on Peopletools 8.54. Time to have a shot.

1. I decided (more...)

Peopletools 8.54 client silent installation

Digging around the last Oracle VM appliance HCM92008 (based on Peopletools 8.54.01), I just discovered a file with a nice name.
Check at /opt/oracle/psft/pt/tools/setup/Client/Disk1/resp_file_client.txt
Does this mean we can install Peopletools client in silent mode ? Well, probably not so easily in fact. According to the documentation, it’s still not supported : “Note. Only the command line options listed in this documentation are supported for PeopleSoft installation. Note that the use of (more...)

Peoplesoft stops certification on Sybase and Informix

Due to a low number of customers using Sybase and Informix, Peoplesoft team recently decided to stop supporting their products on these databases, please see MOS note Oracle Modifies Supported Platforms for PeopleSoft (Doc ID 1915316.1)
According to the note, the Peoplesoft application 9.1 will be the terminal release for these databases. However, you’ll still be able to go for Peopletools 8.54, it will be the last supported.
Anyway, most likely better (more...)

JDK for Peopletools 8.54 on Linux 7

On Linux, once you installed JDK provided on edelivery for Peopletools 8.54 (jdk-7u55-linux-x64.rpm), you make a go for Weblogic.
Here you go:
java -jar wls_121200.jar

On Oracle Linux 7, it ends quickly by the following error :
OpenJDK JVM not supported on this platform.

Also tried with 7u65, no luck. To solve it, install the JDK 7u67 – the latest available. You can download it here :

Weblogic (more...)

Peoplesoft on Windows 2012 : Peopletools 8.53 install

After having installed Oracle and middleware on Windows 2012, time for the Peopletools.

Note, Peopletools 8.53 is certified on Windows 2012.
However, as soon as we start the installer, something is going wrong:
It does not seem to like the user interface working onto Windows 2012. As far as (more...)

How to shutdown Peoplesoft OVA after init

The Peoplesoft team continues to provide the PUM images on schedule. Great work. The last image HCM 9.2.003 has been released about two-three weeks ago.
I’m still using VMWare ESXi vSphere Hypervisor 5.1 and my workaround to move these OVA to VMWare is still working fine, find (more...)

Peoplesoft report re-send content

Deploying the latest Peoplesoft image (HCM92002, Peopletools 8.53.06), and you’ll see a lot of reports not posted:
Well, fine, they’re probably not that important, but it can be fixed quite easily especially since they are not posted for one single reason, the process scheduler was started before the (more...)

Oracle Listener details on Peoplesoft Demo Image

If you ever wonder how to reach the databases hosted on a Peoplesoft Demo Images from a remote client…
Here from within the Image FSCM92000 (FSCMDB-SES-85302d).

For some reason, the listener has not been configured on the default and standard port 1521. The listener port is 1522 (listener name is (more...)

Peoplesoft on Windows 2012 : Middleware

After installing Windows 2012 and Oracle database software, time to move on with Peoplesoft software.
Note that Peopletools 8.53 is now certified on Windows 2012 (check the certification matrix on My Oracle Support).

Before hands, we’ll first install the required software JDK, Tuxedo and Weblogic.

1. JDK
I (more...)

Peoplesoft on Windows 2012 : Oracle software

At the time I wrote this article offline, Oracle 12cR1 was not available for Windows at all.
I decided to have a go with 11gR2 on Windows 2012, even though it is not supported. Awaiting the forth coming 12c and an upgrade to this latest version.
I’m going to install (more...)

Peoplesoft on Windows 2012 : the OS

For once, I’ll spend some times on Windows server.
Most of the time, I work on Linux or Unix system, but that’s also good to see how other are going to run out of the box, at least to be able to compare and speak about a system with a (more...)

Maintenance on Dell PowerEdge running ESXi

VMWare ESXi is really nice and easy to manage. Easy to create and maintain the VMs.
But as a bare-metal virtualization software, it makes several tasks a bit more complicated onto the server maintenance itself.
Should you have a “standard” OS such as Windows or Linux, there’s always packages to (more...)

Oracle database 12c

Just in case you did not notice it yet, Oracle 12cR1 is now available…

Download is here : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html

And the documentation : http://www.oracle.com/pls/db121/homepage

You may want to read the new features first.
One of them has a quite interesting name “Performance With Zero (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : the automation script

Fifth and last part of this series “Prompt-free Appliance deployment”. I’m sure, many of you didn’t understand why sending so much time and effort for such a small result.
It’s maybe right, but at least we learnt several interesting points regarding these Appliances, like :
* about the five disks (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : start the VM

This second last part of the “Prompt-free Appliance deployment” is about showing up the very first start of the VM after script modification.
As we saw in a previous thread, there was some special steps to mount properly the disk to be able to modify the scripts.
So, here (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : scripts modification

In this third part of the “Prompt-free Appliance deployment” series, we will see what scripts have to be modified and how to suppress the prompt on the very first VM startup.

After mounting the disk as described in the previous step we can go further and one by one, take (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : mounting disk in r/w mode

As I expained in the previous blog entry, the intend of the “Prompt-free Applicance deployment” series is to avoid to enter manually all the VM details on the very first start. Whether there’re a lot of steps, in the end it all can be scripted.
It can be done (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : disks description

What I mean by prompt-free here ?
Well, simply not being prompted during the very first Peoplesoft Appliance VM startup. I find it rather annoying, especially if we have to do it on regular basis. Yes, we do have to commit the agreement, choose a root password, DHCP or fixed IP (more...)

Oracle 11gR2 DBFS and Peopletools 8.53 (bis)

Few days ago I wrote an article about Oracle 11gR2 DBFS and Peopletools 8.53.
As I said out there, there are 3 mains problems that I see :
* first, the database may grow dramatically
* second, the WebServer and FileSystem host must be Linux
* third, the fuse (more...)