Oracle database 12c

Just in case you did not notice it yet, Oracle 12cR1 is now available…

Download is here :

And the documentation :

You may want to read the new features first.
One of them has a quite interesting name “Performance With Zero (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : the automation script

Fifth and last part of this series “Prompt-free Appliance deployment”. I’m sure, many of you didn’t understand why sending so much time and effort for such a small result.
It’s maybe right, but at least we learnt several interesting points regarding these Appliances, like :
* about the five disks (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : start the VM

This second last part of the “Prompt-free Appliance deployment” is about showing up the very first start of the VM after script modification.
As we saw in a previous thread, there was some special steps to mount properly the disk to be able to modify the scripts.
So, here (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : scripts modification

In this third part of the “Prompt-free Appliance deployment” series, we will see what scripts have to be modified and how to suppress the prompt on the very first VM startup.

After mounting the disk as described in the previous step we can go further and one by one, take (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : mounting disk in r/w mode

As I expained in the previous blog entry, the intend of the “Prompt-free Applicance deployment” series is to avoid to enter manually all the VM details on the very first start. Whether there’re a lot of steps, in the end it all can be scripted.
It can be done (more...)

Prompt-free Appliance deployment : disks description

What I mean by prompt-free here ?
Well, simply not being prompted during the very first Peoplesoft Appliance VM startup. I find it rather annoying, especially if we have to do it on regular basis. Yes, we do have to commit the agreement, choose a root password, DHCP or fixed IP (more...)

Oracle 11gR2 DBFS and Peopletools 8.53 (bis)

Few days ago I wrote an article about Oracle 11gR2 DBFS and Peopletools 8.53.
As I said out there, there are 3 mains problems that I see :
* first, the database may grow dramatically
* second, the WebServer and FileSystem host must be Linux
* third, the fuse (more...)