Prompt-free Appliance deployment : disks description

What I mean by prompt-free here ?
Well, simply not being prompted during the very first Peoplesoft Appliance VM startup. I find it rather annoying, especially if we have to do it on regular basis. Yes, we do have to commit the agreement, choose a root password, DHCP or fixed IP (more...)

Oracle 11gR2 DBFS and Peopletools 8.53 (bis)

Few days ago I wrote an article about Oracle 11gR2 DBFS and Peopletools 8.53.
As I said out there, there are 3 mains problems that I see :
* first, the database may grow dramatically
* second, the WebServer and FileSystem host must be Linux
* third, the fuse (more...)

Oracle 11gR2 DataBase FileSystem (DBFS) and Peopletools 8.53

Coming with Oracle 11gR2, the DBFS (DataBase FileSystem) feature improves the files storage.
So far, we had BLOB, files stored in the database, but we needed an access to the database with specific API to read/open them.
With DBFS, files are still stored in the database, but access may be (more...)

Integration Network WorkCenter 8.53 : automated process

As of Peopletools 8.52, a lot has been done regarding the Integration Broker configuration and use through the Integration Network WorkCenter.
Many tasks have been made easier than ever for the configuration and maintenance of all the messaging between systems.
Few months ago, I showed how it can be (more...)

Virtual Appliance for Peoplesoft – few issues

Hereafter few issues I’ve seen so far on the VirtualBox Appliances for Peoplesoft. Some are on FSCM92000 only, some on both (HCM92 and FSCM92), and some only when you have the two running in same time.
From the errors/issues/problems described below have more or less impact on the system, I’d (more...)

Scripting VirtualBox Appliance move to VMWare ESXi

As an addendum of an article I wrote to explain how to move from the delivered VirtualBox Appliance for Peoplesoft to VMWare ESXi, there were several manual steps to be done in order to get it works.

It can be tedious to make some changes manually in the ovf (more...)

VirtualBox Appliances for PeopleSoft on VMWare ESXi

Last week, Oracle delivered new Peoplesoft demo images (available on My Oracle Suport only), please see the note PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page [ID 1464619.1]

A lot of effort have been made here, that's really nice. It will greatly simplify the updates (PUM).

So far it was delivered as (more...)