Oracle VM on VMWare VSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)

Several years ago, I started to build my lab environment on CentOS 5.4 and VMWare server 2.0.
It was rather good and stable, even though performance was not to be targeted. I built a lot of virtual machines, including some Oracle VM Servers for the Peoplesoft VM template (more...)

Peopletools 8.53 and Peoplesoft 9.2

Here we are, probably later than initially expected though, but here we are.
Peopletools 8.53 released last month, unfortunately I did not get time to play with.
And as expected and announced, Peoplesoft 9.2 is now available as of today !

Theoretically, a new area is opened for the (more...)

/lib/ and Peopletools 8.53

There was a recurrent “issue” when installing Peopletools 8.5x on Oracle Linux 6.x. As I wrote here about Tuxedo install with Peopletools 8.50 on OL6.0, and here for Peopletools 8.52 install on OL 6.3, each time the installer complained about strings: '/lib/': No such file.

As far as I know, that was just an other annoying message that we can ignore, even though rather questionable. It did not make anything wrong to leave this as is.

What about Peopletools 8.53 installer ?

Easy check:

1. Status of my server. As expected, the (more...)

Peopletools patches and password protection

Until mid of last year, all the Peopletools patches were available for free download on
To protect against fraud, the zip files were password protected. And this password was available only for the customers having an access to the paid My Oracle Support website (formerly Metalink, formerly GSC). Just to prove you are a customer.
Since then, the ftp website has been decommissioned, and the patches are making available for download only from My Oracle Support, exactly like all the other Oracle products.

But remained this password protection. No reason for this since you already proved (more...)

Integration Network WorkCenter and Statistics

I presented the Integration Network WorkCenter in my two previous blog entries, part 1 and part 2.
I should have make this one as part 3, but the statistics are not new in Peopletools 8.52 whereas Integration Network WorkCenter is new.

On the Network Monitor Setup page, you can activate the “IB Profile Status On” which turn on the inbound/outbound asynchronous/synchronous messages statistics.

Note : the all and main thing of WorkCenter is based on synchronous messages.

Let’s see how it is interacting with the statistics.

First, let’s activate the statistics on local and remote systems :