Direct path read and ABTC thoughts & mysteries

geekin geekin geekin… it’s always good while is fun ( :; But too much is not good from anything. Lately I was having so much fun that I was hardly finding time to sleep, but now the balance is almost in place and I think this time to finish that post… or maybe it will […]

I’ll be back!

Tons to say, zero time to write. But… I’ll be back ;)

OEL/RHEL 7 – firewalld

How cool is getting Linux. Hope soon to not look like a Windows. If they put a butterfly or shiny window in the “start menu” I’m out of the game. The “new” firewalld is cool and dynamic, but my servers are square, boring and static. Maybe if I’m using RHEL/OEL 7 in my laptop it […]

Optimizer statistics – parse time statistics aggregation

It’s getting harder and harder to find time for writing. Anyway, this post stays from a long time in my draft so, I think is time to finish and post it. That one is the last one from the optimizer statistics series. For now, of course :) After describing the horror around the way that […]

Where is my PL/SQL? – restore and recovery of PL/SQL code

Sometime it can happen to loose PL/SQL code from the database. What’s the reason behind is not important. The only important thing is to recover it as soon as possible. Fortunately Oracle is storing the PL/SQL code in tables, that makes the recovery quite easy. For this I’m using two techniques, which I’m gonna cover […]

I’m speaking at SrOUG and beIT

Next month I’m honored to speak at two great conferences – SrOUG and beIT.         See you there! Kovachev

Optimizer statistics – Gathering Statistics and Histograms

It’s such a mess with those histograms and statistics that I had to rewrite this post at least ten times. It’s such a mess that I still cannot believe how poorly maintained the global statistics are and how badly created the histograms are. Because of this mess and the depth of the topic this post […]

I’m speaking at OUG Ireland

Next March 19th I’ll be speaking at OUG Ireland in Dublin, presenting some cool stuff around Oracle Database 12c, PDB Cloning, ZFS snapshots and Change management through EM12c. The topic is easy going and can be interesting for DBA’s and developers as well. The abstract and agenda of OUG Ireland is in here . […]

Optimizer statistics – Stale percentage and partitioning

Oracle is full of surprises, dbms_stats and optimizer statistics as well. That’s why I’m starting a new series named “Optimized statistics” in which I’ll cover some gathering and usage issues related to them. As we know 11g have a cool feature which tracks how much data we had changed in our objects and if it’s […]