size sometimes does matter…

Not really. Well... You know what I mean. ;)Anyways, sorry for the "catchy" title. This entry is prompted by some of the ongoing exercise in fine tuning our AIX db servers.AIX is a great OS but the information needed to eek out the last ounce of performance for Oracle dbs is sparse, or across many documents. This blog entry is for my future reference on how to make Oracle use large pages in

newspeak strikes again…

Frankly, the amount of hype surrounding the "cloud" thing is reaching the limits of what is acceptable by anyone with half a brain and a working mind!If anything, it is only discrediting the architecture and reducing it to yet another "j2ee" scam.I recently found this in one of the blog feeds.“Private, on-premise clouds are also an option that that may lessen security-related concerns”I beg your

do as they do, not as they say…

Yeah, well: I never said this blog would be a regular thing, so there!I'm not sure what is going to happen to the world economy. I keep hearing about these fantastic rescue packages that seemly no one has to pay for?Recently, I was reminded of why I am so cynical of modern theories of education and economy. I do have a lot of respect for the engineers who made the moon landings possible

stop fixing the symptom!

Long time no post!Sorry folks: been busy with a lot at work and at home. It's Winter outdoor sports season here so all spare time is spent ferrying kids from venue to venue.Anyways: attended a recent Oracle seminar on high availability.Good stuff. And for once, we didn't get another "injection" of "Larry Ellison did or said this or that or the other": Hallelujah!!!Interesting also to see some

a blast from the past

While going through the latest at Jerry Pournelle's, I bumped into this:Techniques of Systems AnalysisBack in my prior life as an Engineer, Herman's writings were some of the most prized. The Rand Corporation represented for many of us the creme-de-la-creme of top engineering and design skills.If you feel like getting enlightened on the seminal work that resulted in IT System Analysis as we knew