JDeveloper and Fusion Applications Explained (Part 3)

The first two parts of this series covered the installation of JDeveloper for Fusion Applications and the configuration of the integrated WebLogic Domain.This third article will explain some common problems we have seen and how to resolve them.  We will in the process also offer some general tips on (more...)

Switching JDKs for JDeveloper/WLS Explained

The recent documentation update included a change of the required JDK for JDeveloper/WLS: instead of the bundled 32-bit JDK 1.6.0_24 the Developers Guide now advises to use the 64-bit version.

If you have worked with the 32-bit JDK so far, you may wonder how to make the switch.

Feedback Requested

For the past four months, the Fusion Applications Developer Relations team has used this blog to offer information we think is valuable for the broader Fusion developer community working on customizations, extensions or integrations.

We still have a lot of ideas for topics we think need coverage, and there are (more...)

Announcement: OTN Forum Migration and Upgrade

If you are a regular visitor to our OTN forum, you may have seen the announcement link at the top of each page: Oracle Technology Network's discussion forums are about to be upgraded to a new platform.  The plan is for the current system to go read-only on Friday (more...)

How To Best Use Discussion Forums

Our new Fusion Applications Extensibility forum on the forums.oracle.com site are barely two months old and we have seen quite a bit of traffic.  That's great, and we are hoping you find it a useful resource.  Our goal is to make it a must-visit site for the Fusion (more...)