Nette Framework with Latte Templates (and one more thing)

Hi all! After few weeks we would like to introduce you some new features which will be available in NetBeans 7.4. And what is it about? It's about new framework support! For NetBeans 7.4 we added a support for Nette Framework with Latte Templates.

Not sure if all (more...)

Toggling Comments

Hi all! New month is here and we are here too with a new blog post about toggling comments feature for next NetBeans release.

Toggle comment (ctrl+shift+c or ctrl+/) is a well known feature so what is new in here? Now it's supported in many new languages! Now (more...)

Twig Braces Matching

Hi all! Here we are again with new features for next NetBeans release. Today we would like to talk about braces matching in Twig templating support.

And what does it mean exactly? That IDE automatically highlights and pairs your control structures, when the caret is on them. So if you (more...)

Improved Type Renaming

Hi all! Today we would like to show you brand new renaming feature for next NetBeans release.

Most of you definitely use common standard that every class is in its own file and the file name is the same as the class name. It means that if you have class (more...)