Announcing Functional White Papers Addressing Stock Counts for RMS and SIM

Inventory accuracy is a critical and highly sensitive area affecting retailers, and it has a significant impact on increasing levels of customer service, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity. Stock counts are one of the main tools retailers have to ensure their perpetual inventory is accurate. Oracle Retail has published two (more...)

Announcing a new documentation deliverable: Patch Value Propositions

In order to assist retailers and partners as they plan to implement upcoming Oracle Retail patches, the Sustaining Engineering team, in partnership with the Documentation team, is publishing a new type of document on My Oracle Support ( for selected Support releases: Patch Value Propositions (PVP). 

PVPs offer retailers an early view of fixes and enhancements (functional, technical, integration, and so on) that are scheduled for inclusion in a patch. PVPs are provided at either the product level or the solution unit level, and they are intended to assist partners and retailers in their long-term planning. The (more...)