OOW14 In Full Swing

Need to make sure I get to Caltrain in plenty of time because we're getting a very fast start to OpenWorld today! 

We got our Demo Booth all set up yesterday and it looks great. I thought we did a decent job last year but this year it's even better. There are lots of great sessions today and an excellent place to start as always will be Andy Mendelsohn's keynote. Of course he's got (more...)

OOW14 – It’s on!

We've got so much Multitenant new to share and have been hard at work for weeks getting ready for our big show. The big event is finally upon us and as usual Larry Ellison will open the show with his keynote this evening. There are going to be lots of exciting announcements and I'm not supposed to spoil the surprise, but I can tell you that my favorite feature is going to play a central (more...)

Multitenant Sessions by Oracle at OOW14

In yesterday's post I mentioned some of our customers' sessions at OpenWorld. They're going to be very interesting - if you have a chance, please try to catch some of them. Today, however, I want to focus on Multitenant sessions by Oracle speakers. 

  • CON7674 Maximum Availability with Oracle Multitenant: Seeing is Believing
  • Mon 11:45 Moscone South - 104
  • Frank Kobylanski and Joe Meeks are two of our top experts on MAA 
  • CON7302 Oracle Multitenant: (more...)