GoldenGate error OGG-01755 SQL error: OCI Error 26,723 = ORA-26723

| Nov 5, 2012
I was trying to register extract  OGG v 11.2 on one of my dev servers GGSCI ( 1> dblogin  userid srvegate password xxxxx Successfully logged into database.  GGSCI ( 2> register extract testext database and run into error above :  OGG-01755  SQL error: OCI Error 26,723. See Extract user privileges in the Oracle GoldenGate for … Read more

Oracle GoldenGate 11.2

| Mar 29, 2012
OGG 11.2 offers  integrated capture mode. Extract integrates with database log mining server to receive change data in LCR format . Oracle is utilizing Streams more and more .. Oracle database must be Oracle with the patch for bug 13560925. Here is example how to change extract more to integrated and back to classic … Read more

Index Monitoring

| Mar 1, 2012
For those not familiar with it, index monitoring is Oracle's way to track whether an index is being used, letting you know if it is needed. Two things to keep in mind: 1) It doesn't always mark an index as used even if it is used. If it isn't used in an execution plan but … Read more

Querying multiple rows from dual

| Feb 6, 2012
By Granville Bonyata Sometimes it’s useful to have a query that always returns a certain number of rows, such as a report that returns one row for every day of the month. Using DUAL and CONNECT BY allows you to return as many rows as needed. For instance, this query returns one row for every … Read more

Reducing cluster waits by Granville Bonyata

| Jan 27, 2012
If you’re seeing high cluster waits because you have multiple processes all inserting into the same set of tables, the cluster waits are resolved by pointing to a single node on the cluster. But just pointing to a single node defeats the rollover benefits of running on RAC. To that (more...)