PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry) Using the new CLI to bind services from a cf push

I previously blogged how to PUSH an application into PCF , then bind services as shown below.

If you want to do this in one step simply create a manifest file as shown below. This example isn't the spring books application but shows you what your manifest.yml would look like with services included so you could then create one similar to that below.

1. Create a manifest.yml file (more...)

PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry) new command line client

I decided to install the new CF v6 CLI for PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry). Given this will be the new CLI for PCF here is how it differs to the old Ruby CLI. In this example I deploy / push a spring based application and bind it to existing services.

To download and install the new CLI v6 use the link below.


In this example we have the following 2 services (more...)

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) binding a User Defined service for Oracle 11g r2

In this example below I show how you would create a user defined service for Oracle 11g R2 which is running outside of the PCF instance and how your applications would bind to that service. The example below is from the spring-music sample application which is a spring based web application.


1. First lets create our user defined service for Oracle , here we just use a simple URI which the Spring Cloud (more...)

Spring MVC with Thymeleaf HTML template pages

Thymeleaf offers a set of Spring integrations that allow you to use it as a full-featured substitute for JSP in Spring MVC applications.

So here is a simple example just so we can compare how things differ in HTML versus JSP, does remind me of JSF / Viewlets to be honest.

1. Let start with what our simple project looks like in IntelliJ

2. The web.xml is defined as follows
<web-app version="2.4"
xmlns="http://java. (more...)

SpringXD : Pre-Packaged Batch Jobs Import CSV Files to GemFireXD

Spring XD comes with several batch import and export modules. You can run them out of the box and show using the "Import CSV Files to JDBC (filejdbc)" as shown below.

This example show's inserting data into GemFireXD, you can use any RDBMS which supports a JDBC driver.

Note: XD_BASE = /Users/papicella/vmware/software/spring/spring-xd-1.0.0.M4

1. Configure connection to RDBMS in "$XD_BASE/xd/config/batch-jdbc-import.properties".

# Setting for the JDBC batch import job module
driverClass=com. (more...)

SpringXD FILE/TAIL input ingestion / JDBC Sink output to GemFireXD

The following examples shows what we can do out of the box with SpringXD TAIL input source and JDBC sink as the output source. This can all be done without writing and code.

Assumes you have SpringXD installed and GemFireXD installed. See the getting stared guide which explains how to setup SpringXD. As for a database output for JDBC you can use any RDBMS here so you could use MYSQL , ORACLE etc if you (more...)