User Defined Types (UTS’s) in Pivotal GemFireXD

The CREATE TYPE statement creates a user-defined type (UDT). A UDT is a serializable Java class whose instances are stored in columns. The class must implement the interface. In this example below we create a TYPE with just one string property to highlight how (more...)

Spring HikariCP with Pivotal GemFireXD

Previously I blogged about using the HikariCP with Pivotal GemFireXD as per the post below.

In this example I show how you would use this Connection Pool with Spring.

1. Ensure your using version 1.2.1 of HikariCP as it provides the setDataSourceProperties() setter to HikariConfig (more...)

HikariCP (Connection Pool) with Pivotal GemFireXD

I decided to try out the HikariCP as per the link below it says it's the fastest Connection Pool and the most lightweight. It probably is so I thought I would set it up for GemFireXD.

Quote: There is nothing faster.1 There is nothing more correct. HikariCP is a "zero-overhead" production-quality (more...)

Pivotal GemFireXD adding an INITCAP function to the distributed system

We recently released Pivotal GemFireXD BETA with the latest release of Pivotal HD. Pivotal GemFire XD is a memory-optimized, distributed data store that is designed for applications that have demanding scalability and availability requirements. With GemFire XD you can manage data entirely using in-memory tables, or you can persist very (more...)

Emulating a BOOLEAN Data Type in Pivotal SQLFire

Not all SQL databases provide a Boolean data type and SQLFire which uses Derby has no BOOLEAN data type. In order to use BOOLEAN you can use a SMALLINT using values as 0 or 1 and then make API calls with the JDBC driver calling ResultSet.getBoolean() to give you (more...)

Pivotal SQLFire Rowloader for Greenplum

When you use SQLFire as a cache, you can configure a SQL data loader that is triggered to load data from a backend repository on a miss in SQLFire. When an incoming query request for a uniquely-identified row cannot be satisfied by the distributed cache, the loader is invoked to (more...)

Spring MVC Rest – Content Negotiation using JSON/XML

In this example we will show how we can determine which  data format to return  writing just a single controller method. In this example we either return XML or JSON and the system knows whether to convert to XML or JSON because of content negotiation. This example is based on the (more...)

Spring Data GemFire GemfireTemplate

As with many other high-level abstractions provided by the Spring projects, Spring Data GemFire provides a template that simplifies GemFire data access. The class provides several one-line methods, for common region operations but also the ability to execute code against the native GemFire API without having to deal with GemFire (more...)

Functions in GemFire

You can execute data-independent functions or data-dependent functions in vFabric GemFire. You run data-independent functions by targeting a specific member or specific members in your distributed system, or by targeting logical member groups on which to execute your function. If you are executing a data-dependent function, you specify a region (more...)

Check which JDK’s Installed on MAC Os X

Note for myself:

[Mon Sep 23 08:16:42 papicella@:~ ] $ /usr/libexec/java_home -V
Matching Java Virtual Machines (4):
    1.7.0_25, x86_64: "Java SE 7" /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_25.jdk/Contents/Home
    1.7.0_12, x86_64: "Java SE 7" /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_12.jdk/Contents/Home
    1.6.0_51-b11-457, x86_64: "Java (more...)