RAC and preventing Active Data Guard: My experiences

When you happen to have a customer that want’s to use Data Guard on Oracle RAC without a license for Active Data Guard then you might want to read this post.

You probably have searched on the internet (just like I did) and already found this nice post from Uwe: http://uhesse.com/2013/10/01/parameter-to-prevent-license-violation-with-active-data-guard/

If you haven’t already then go ahead and read it, but come back when you also use RAC.

I had set-up Data Guard between (more...)

SQL*Plus / SQL*Net Dead Connection Detection

Recently I came across the situation where I knew for a fact that my sessions to the database where dead because I pulled the power plug out of my application server for a failover test. But the sessions stayed visible in the database and kept their locks therefor the failover failed.

Now how is that possible?

First let me sketch the layout of the setup.

Suppose you have a vendor supplied application that runs on their middleware. That (more...)